Lost Girl Review: Saved by Sanctuary

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Vex is back! He is so charming in a sexy, but creepy killer kinda way. When he isn't "controlling" others, he is even oddly likeable. It's too bad that he uses his power for evil.

If Dyson and Bo weren't so good together, I could see her being able to tame Vex. It would take some time, but Bo could do it. Maybe if Vex sticks around she can rub off on him in a positive way.

Bloody Dyson

In "Faetal Justice," Dyson went to Vex's bar and got into a fight with a Dark Fae, Ba'al. After leaving the bar, Dyson woke up in the alley, bloodied... with Ba'al dead. And, with that, Dyson became Bo's client.

She would not believe that he killed Ba'al. Her trust and faith in Dyson, while admirable, is going to cause her great pain eventually. Whenever she puts that kind of trust in him, it's difficult not to foresee what will happen when she finds out that he has been keeping the truth from her. Bo still isn't over Lauren's betrayal and that was minor in comparison to Dyson's secret.

Dyson's situation provided further insight into the differences between the human world that Bo has known and the Fae world, especially in their justice systems. This drove Bo to risk herself in order to prove Dyson's innocence.

She went unarmed to Vex's club and he took full advantage of it. He saw Bo as a fun play thing and made her touch herself in a seductive way. She fought back, but that only encouraged him more. He almost killed her, but he eventually backed off. Was it because they were in public? Or does he like having her around? That was unclear, but they do have an odd chemistry with each other.

What this situation proved is that the difference between the Light and Dark Fae is not a matter of good versus evil. The Light Fae were not a positive force in this situation. The Morrigan used it to her advantage to find out more about Bo.

She didn't want justice for Ba'al or the Dark Fae, she wanted to use Dyson to find out the truth about Bo. She manipulated the situation in her favor and even resorted to torture. Her treatment of Dyson is not going to encourage Bo to join the Light Fae. Though there probably isn't anything that would push her into choosing a side. Many of the Fae she has met, including at Vex's bar, are envious of her non-allegiance.

Luckily, Bo and Kenzi figured out that Vex's bartender was the wolf that killed Ba'al, not Dyson. The Morrigan had no choice but to let Dyson go and clear his name.

Bo and Dyson's relationship is constantly changing. They get together, then pull away from each other, but since their initial meeting are continually drawn back together. While their relationship is complicated, it can only get worse as the truth comes out.


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It was obvious that Dyson was being framed. You didn't write anything about Kenzi/Portia scenes.


While I know what happens to Dyson by the end of this season, I am so conflicted because I know Dyson loves her and Tric has been trying to keep the distance (or at least he was) so she wouldn't react horribly and heart brokenly and join the Dark Fae. I know she wouldn't, but I also know if, even right now, if Dyson and Tric told her the truth, she would still not choose a side, but she would be able to deal. I actually think that if Tric would take up his mantle as the Blood King, Bo would probably think seriously about swearing fealty to him. But the longer this goes on and the fact that someone else with their own agenda could tell her, like she found out about Lauren, I am not sure (heck, Hale would be the only Fae she would actually talk to).


Vex would just kill Bo, really, he would never love her or care for her like Dyson. He'd just use her and cause her pain. He enjoys pain and torture, as was made clear at the end of the ep, so I see nothing to even like about Vex, let alone have him anywhere near Bo. I don't think there is any chemistry there, he's ugly and nasty and cruel, so where is the attraction for someone like Bo who is only interested in helping people? Nowhere that I could see. But I was glad to see that Bo and Dyson were so loving to one another at the end, and yes, I know that she's going to be pissed when she finds out he withheld information about her parents, but I think she will be able to forgive Dyson because she loves him and he loves her


I loved this episode, and not "just" because there was a lot of screen time with delicious Dyson half-naked and looking ever so fine...there was a lot more that we learned about Dyson and about his reasons for living and acting the way he does, and I thought it was VERY clear in this ep that he LOVES Bo, truly loves her. The way the two looked at each other, and the way that Bo said to trust her, and Dyson does trust her, and the way that she reacted when, in an earlier episode Dyson said "I do everything I can to protect you" and Bo said "I trust you without question" made me realize that they have a deep connection and a loving relationship based on trust, not just need.
And I totally disagree that Vex could ever be "saved" by Bo...plus he's so NOT sexy, he's just oily and creepy and evil, he nauseates Bo, and she remembers that he forced her to plunge a knife into herself, and he has killed other women this way, so it is clear to me he's more of a vicious serial killer fae who wouldn't be good to Bo at all, he'd just use her and kill her. He enjoys torture, as he made obvious in this ep, so I can't imagine what there is to like about him. He's gross and nasty and UGLY.


just wanted to let you know the morrigan is the leader of the dark fae, the ash is the leader of the light fae.

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