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Hot! Hot! Hot! I feel like a broken record each week talking about the sexiness of Lost Girl. But after a few Mondays of muted sensuality, "Vexed" turned up the heat to a scorching level. Oh my!

We've seen some steamy action between Bo and Dyson before, but this was premium cable level loving! Thank you, Syfy! My fear that the U.S. version of the show would be edited has vanished. If it was cut, it definitely didn't take away from the scene.

Bo on Lost Girl

Unfortunately, this may be the last we see of Bo and Dyson for a while. Dyson has told Bo before that he cannot be her one-stop healing machine, but this time was different. She severely weakened Dyson to the point that it was obvious, though maybe not to her. She gets a bit self-absorbed when "healing."

Dyson cares deeply for Bo, but for reasons that are not entirely clear he won't give into them. At this point, it is much more than just Trick warning Dyson away. After preventing Bo from killing Vex, his true feelings were slightly revealed.

As much as the "team" thing is overplayed in pop culture - with Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Delena and so on - I do enjoy when Kenzi jokes around about Bo and which team she is on. Since it is a built in joke between them, it's kinda fun.

Even though Kenzi told Bo she couldn't go after Dr. Hot Pants if she was going to be with Dyson, that's exactly what Bo did. Or, to be more accurate, Lauren full-out seduced Bo. Manipulated and seduced would be spot on. I am not sure how Bo can forgive Lauren, but I suspect that she will. Lauren's allegiance to Ash will continue to be a wall between them.

More than anything Bo wants to know where she came from and that is her weakness. Dyson tried to convince Bo that Siegfried, Lou Ann and Vex were all lying about having information about her mother. He claimed that nobody had any information, but was it a fib?

Trick and Dyson previously discussed that they know the "truth," whatever that was referring to. Plus, Trick went to Lou Ann after she was awakened from her execution and said they had to talk. The mystery of Bo's parentage does not look to be resolved any time soon.

Her need to help Lou Ann was because she was not that different than Bo. Lou Ann decided to marry a human, have children and leave the Fae behind. For that, she was punished. Bo wants the freedom to live her life however she wants without being controlled by anyone. That's what makes Lauren's allegiance to Ash even more difficult for her to accept.

Bo is caught between the Light and Dark Fae. Their continued tolerance of her non-allegiance and meddling in their affairs is sure to catch up with her. What does each side know about her foundling status? They must either know more than they have told her or have a reason to fear her. Why else would they put up with her rogue behavior?

It is going to be an adventure searching for the truth!


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@Kris - totally agree. You said it better than I could have.


Yes, poke fun at "Teams":D I like the sexuality on this series because it fits without being underplayed or overplayed. There's few series with bi characters. Bo does play bi very well. That was a really cool weapon Trick gave Bo. I love all of Kenzi's wigs.


The raw sexuality of this show is part of what makes it special. That fact that Bo is bi and can pull off both relationships with equal hawtness and believability is why this show will be talked about for years to come. It's pretty awesomely groundbreaking. I love how layered the characters are & the angst/UST is FANTASTIC! (or RST in the case of this episode THANKS!!!) Lauren will be forgiven in the end, because her intentions are not false. She just has a lot on her plate and not alot of freedom or power to play with. I loved that even though it sucked, she came clean to Bo right away and didn't just "sin of omission" what happened away.


I think Lauren showed her true colors in this ep, I think she cares for Bo, but I think her allegiance to Ash and the Light Fae is much more important to her than the feelings she has for Bo or Bo hersslf. She is a slave to Ash, who does seem to own her, and I think that Bo should steer clear of her, because it is only at his behest that Lauren slept with Bo. That means that Lauren has no will of her own and is not going to be doing what is good for Bo, only whatever is good for her master, Ash. That's just creepy, in my opinion.
Anyway, I think that Dyson does actually LOVE Bo, and I believe she loves him,too, and that the two of them could be together if it weren't for Trick and all his secrets and his insistence that Bo can't be trusted with the truth of her heritage.


Lauren hardly manipulated Bo. The Ash used her feelings for Bo to manipulate both of them - which is going to be quite common down the road. Ultimately, Lauren did what she thought was right. She thought she was protecting her from Vex. Bo is entitled to feel hurt and why wouldn't she? From her perspective, The Ash made Lauren his whore. But Bo is mule headed and she won't give Lauren room to explain herself anytime soon. But, yes, all will be forgiven, because Lauren is, in fact, a good guy that loves Bo dearly and Bo is a very forgiving person at heart. She will forgive Dyson for keeping the biggest secret of all from her, so she can pretty much forgive anything.


I love this show! The cast has great chemistry n Kenzi is soo witty!! I hope her n hale get together they are sooo cute!! I love the lore of it all its a wonderfully written show too!

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You're the foundling? I've heard about you. Even in here.

Lou Ann

Kenzi: Obviously, you can't have Dyson and chase after Dr. Hotpants anymore. Time to pick a team, dude.
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