Matthew Perry on The Good Wife: First Look!

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Matthew Perry makes his first appearance on The Good Wife on March 25, but he won't be the only big name to play a key role on "Blue Ribbon Panel."

The former Friends star will portray Mike Kresteva, an attorney placed in charge of a panel looking into a police officer shooting, starring on the episode opposite the regular TGW crew along with two other guest stars:

  • Charles Dutton as a pastor also involved in the hearing.
  • Jill Flint (Royal Pains), who returns as FBI Agent Lana Delaney and plays a role in Kalinda's tax case.

Get your first look below at all three in their upcoming roles:

Jill Flint as Lana Delaney
Matthew Perry as Mike Kresteva
Charles Dutton as Pastor Yarrow

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I just want to see how lana will approach kalinda with the irs thing knowing that she is on the case maybe kalinda will use her sexiness to get lana to back off for awhile.


The Lana/Kalinda scenes will have nothing to do with lesbians it will be about her and the IRS federal problems and what she can do.


NO to Lana/Kalinda, I personally know real-life lipstick lesbians (Yes, they do exist!). This isn't the 90s where all lesbians are assumed to look a certain way. Sorry if you feel like they don't look like average lesbians but this is TV and in TV and also film there are beautiful and above average looking people on your screen that goes for the straight/bi/gay or anything else. So, I disagree, if they were bringing Lana and Kalinda together for straight men they wouldn't be holding hands they'd be greased up fighting half naked in a oil match...Although I'm sure there are some men and also a few women who wouldn't mind seeing that :)


I'm definitely more excited to see Lana again than Matthew Perry. I hope this won't be ever only time we see her this season. And judging by the picture, it looks like Kalinda will (once again) use Lana's feelings for her to her advantage. No complaints though! I was actually bothered by Alicia standing up to Diane the way she did; it felt out of character. Why is she working so hard for a house she doesn't really want??


Ugh, please, not more Lana! REAL lesbians snicker and sneer at all these phoney "lipstick lesbians" they keep bringing in. It looks like they're only there to turn on stupid straight guys who think they're hot. If they're going to keep hiring women for Kalinda (she's bisexual but she hasn't had a GUY in a really long time), why don't they hire Rosie O'Donnell, or Camryn Mannheim (she's played a lawyer before, too)? Or how about Kate Clinton, Elvira Kurt, or Lea Delaria? They'd be funnier -- and more realistic, too....


I love this show, and Im so happy that lana is back Im so looking foward to seeing this episode... I love the whole cast. but my favorite is KALINDA


Yes!! Lana is back i can't wait for this episode and if kalinda and lana kiss in this episode hopefully it will be one we actually see.


Yeap, nice to see Jill Flint again !!


Yah!!! Jill Flint on tv again!! (Happy dance). Lucky Kalinda!!!!!

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