Missing Premieres Strong: What Did You Think?

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Ashley Judd may have lost her son on Missing, but ABC may have found its next big hit.

While it's always difficult to judge following an opening episode - the real test will come next Thursday, when we learn how many fans stick around - the series premiere of Missing outperformed both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice last night, drawing 10.5 million viewers.

What can you expect going forward? Watch the official promo now for next week's "The Hard Drive" and then express your take on the premiere.

Grade the Missing pilot:

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We really liked the first two episodes but never really was interested enough to tune back in! I like Ashley but for some reason it just seemed too big a stretch.


Love the series. As always, Ashley is great. Please consider a change in her hairstyle.


Love the show...wonder where I can buy her scarf?


the intricate and suspenseful plot line and outstanding acting talent in 'Missing' overall is very well done. in fact, it's more like watching a theater movie than a broadcast tv series. and the European backdrop pushes it way over the top in terms of intrigue and romance. although, many of the scenes are not very realistic, it doesn't really matter because the dramatic effect of Judd's role as a relentless mother who will stop at nothing to find her missing son is right on point and will resonate well with a lot of viewers. I will be watching again to see if the rest of the season can keep up with such a fantastic premiere!


I would love to finally see a show that Sean Bean was in that he didn't die....the man is an expert in a death scene but I would much rather see him last a few years etc.............


Huge fan of Ashley Judd and it''s really great to see her acting again. I really think the show has a really good chance of making it. Very good acting, although I am really sad Sean Bean's character died so early on! Really good plot so far and so much happened just in the first episode. Really looking forward to watching this show and the characters progress.


Huummm. Hope my VCR will last !


Great show. Thoroughly engrossing, great action. It's going to be a terrible choice between this and Big Bang Theory, and another monkey wrench in the works for Community.

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Missing Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Antoine: I don't make deals with people who have tried to kill me.
Becca: Antoine if I had tried to kill you you'd be dead.

This life, the life you once led, it's not for children.