"The Rain on the Evil and on the Good"

In the Missing season finale, Suspect Zero attempts to close his sale while Becca must face her own demons while trying to save her son.


Now that Becca and Paul know who Suspect Zero has Michael, they must work together to find him.


As Becca gets help from one source, she gets closer to finding out the identity of her true enemy on Missing.

"A Measure of a Man"

Becca needs to remember details from a former case in order to prove her innocence on Missing.

"A Busy Solitude"

Becca comes up with a new scheme to save Michael as she avoids arrested on Missing.

"The Three Bears"

Becca works to find clues to Michael's whereabouts as Michael tries to escape.

"Tell Me No Lies"

Keith Carradine shows up again on this episode of Missing. His character reunites with Becca in order to track down the assassin who killed Paul.

"Ice Queen"

Becca receives a surprise visit from her best friend this week. It complicates matters.

"The Hard Drive"

Becca strikes a deal with the French this week as she continues to search for her son. But it comes with ethical complications.


We meet Becca Winstone on the premiere of Missing and watch as her sons gets kidnapped. But these bad guys have messed with the wrong mother!