New Meredith-Derek Fight Brewing on Grey's Anatomy?

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How big is Meredith and Derek's rumored fight in the next Grey’s Anatomy?

Probably not as big as some past ones ... but let's just say it's not small.

According to TV Line, and the episode synopsis, he wants his wife to work with her again. That's nice and all, except that he puts her on a neuro case without telling her, which does not go over well.

After she clearly expressed extreme hesitance about coming back to neuro, she's not only less than enthralled with the assignment itself, but the fact that Derek assigned it to her without consent.

They'll get through it, no doubt, but it's far from a small deal. Grey's Anatomy returns a week from Thursday (March 15). Check out the promo below for "One Step Too Far" ...

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March 22/ finally lost me/ used to be great!


The first time MerDer were at odds with regard to a patient was the bloke who managed to get nails in his head, wasn't it? The third or fourth episode in S1? They managed to avoid working together in season 2, but now they are so prone to falling out over work related things. I hate it cos it seems like Der is always justified to be mad because he is the attending and the more experienced surgeon.
I really wanted Mer to go back to neuro, but now I'm wondering if it's really worth it. Why would Mer want to put herself through working with Der when he's so horrible to her.
I wish Shonda could try to create a SL that doesn't involve MerDer arguing


@Wowza2 How do you know the show is substandard if you stopped watching after Season 3? Duh


I stopped watching this show several seasons ago...seems it is still exactly the same. Does every single season need to end with the cliffhanger being, "will Mer and Der make it through this latest fight?" Good grief. All of my friends/family who watched seasons 1 and 2 drifted away during the next 3 seasons and now I don't know anyone who watches it. I'm thinking if the fans came in at or after season 3, they don't know what made this show so great and are okay with this substandard stuff.


Lexie should own up to her error and not let Mer take the blame. Derek knows Meredith is a great neuro surgeon, he has seen her in action on her own and was proud, he even told the Chief about it (the real chief, Richard). I agree Meredith's scenes with Bailey are great, but sometimes you can see she feels she is being compared to her mother. I hope Ellen and Patrick come back, also the rest of the cast Chandra, Sandra, Justin and James (the Chief). I can live without Avery and Hunt, Kepner is growing on me, and please more Derek and Mark scenes.


Der's sulking over Mer's error makes my heart sink. Derek set this situation up so he is ultimately responsible, perhaps that's why he's being a McAss again. SR is preparing for contingences of possible endings of this season. EP/PD may both leave, one may stay one may go, or hopefully both will stay. MErDer have been in sync recently, so SR feels compelled to make them at odds for a SL. Ultimately Mer will not now, or ever return to neuro again, or ever work with Der again. All MerDer fans who wanted this (I DID)must adjust to just one or two MerDer scenes per episode. Evne that's not guaranteed. :(((((


Well hopefully it is sorted by end of episode considering its meant to be a Lexi error mer covers up.
Dislike on the emotional heart wrenching rollercoaster get it out of there systems and give us mcfamily time.


It would be nice to see them paired up on more cases (as long as they're not fighting), but I also like Mer on general. I think it's fun to see her work closely with Bailey and the Chief. Plus, I think if she goes with General she could be an attending sooner whereas with Neuro she'll have to do a fellowship. I'm hoping that this fight will let MerDer resolve their issues about working together and perhaps Mer can work with Derek some more even if she doesn't go with neuro. I really don't mind where she ends up too much either way (like I said, as long as their not fighting). I'm kind of hoping that Derek is just blowing something out of proportion in these scenes and will then see that he's being an ass and stop it.


Well we dont really know what mistake Mer made so we cant say its not realistic.

Sarah silva

Really Shonda, this is one of my favorite couples can you not just let them be happy for awhile?

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