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Last Friday, Nikita, Amanda and Percy were double crossing each other all over the place. That theme remained in "Arising," as the story moved to the battlefield in Russia involving Alex, Ari and Cassandra.

Ari has proved to be as manipulative as both Amanda and Percy. With his plot to take over Zetrov with Amanda and Percy's unrelenting desire for power, they have become the evil triumvirate. On the other side is Nikita, Michael, and Birkhoff with their many assets. And, Alex, well, her partnership with Amanda and Ari came to an abrupt end when they overplayed their hand for Zetrov.

Return of Helena Mattsson as Cassandra

Ari feigned ignorance regarding what happened to Alex's mother when he knew that she was under the "protection" of Division agents.  Alex believed that Katya had been moved by Semak to keep them away from each other. But, that wasn't the case.

With everything that Semak did to Alex and her family, it was surprising to see a softer side of him. He truly loved Katya and showed Alex his vulnerable side. Unfortunately for Semak, his right hand man outwitted and killed him.

While Alex wanted Semak to pay for killing her father and the ambush of the family home, she didn't find satisfaction in his death. His visit showed her a different side of him, but it was probably because his death didn't provide her closure. It came at the hand of Ari, rather than from her.

Alex's reunion with her mother was mixed. In many ways, Katya is to Alex what Carla was to Nikita. Both Katya and Carla just didn't get the big picture. They were easily manipulated into believing the wrong people. Since Katya was witness to Ari and Amanda's ploy to use her as a pawn against Alex, she was able to see the light when Carla never did.

With Katya and Sean on their way into hiding, how long will it be before they are found? Ari and Amanda are not going to give up their quest for Zetrov. Alex may have denied them her shares, but they will find another way to take control.

The other main story was the return of Cassandra. When I first heard she was coming back and that she was working for Gogol, I wasn't happy. She was first introduced as the wife of the Belorussian president, then it was revealed she was an undercover MI6 agent, and now she's also a double agent for Gogol? It's not that I didn't like Cassandra, it was just too convenient to have her working for Ari. The writers at Nikita rarely make a wrong move and fortunately the Cassandra storyline was no exception.

The return of Cassandra worked because it provided closure for Michael. She may have been a double agent, but the back story about how she got involved with Gogol made her sympathetic. It helped that she also didn't realize the end game of her mission for Ari.

In this world, loyalties shift constantly. With both MI-6 and Gogol after Cassandra, it was no longer safe for her or Max. When Ari found out that Cassandra booked a private plane with her credit card, I was confused. She's not stupid. Why would she use a credit card that could be traced?  I should have realized it was a ruse right away, but I was so caught up in the story that I didn't.

Though, why didn't MI6 and Ari wonder that same thing? Perhaps, they thought she was too desperate. It wasn't until the plane blew up that I realized the plan. MI6 and Ari were both easily convinced that Cassandra died in that plane.

With that, Michael had to say goodbye to his son. Their last words and hug was heartbreaking. Michael made a huge sacrifice for the good of his son. As much as I love little Max, I hope we don't see them again. Cassandra and Max are safe, which allows Michael and Nikita to fight another day.

Alex gave up her mother and Michael gave up his son. Will their decision to protect them over their desire to have them close end up being the right one? Is Katya or Cassandra and Max at a greater risk?

Odds and Ends

  • Michael and Nikita love each other, but sometimes that isn't enough. Will Nikita ever be emotionally ready to settle down with Michael without being on the chase or the run?
  • Alex and Sean work as a team. I'd love for them to get together. Unfortunately with Sean off protecting Katya, I don't see that happening any time soon, if at all.
  • How awesome was the playground scene? Max's face when he watched Nikita kick ass was precious. No way he is going to forget that, sorry, Nikita.
  • I didn't miss Birkhoff during the episode, because there was so much else going on. But, when he isn't around, the fun, lighthearted banter and humor is almost non-existent. That gives the episode, a harsher tone.


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Pretty good


i really love to see nikita and micheal together in strong relationship to make sure Percy's paid for killing micheal's wife and daught in car bomb


I imagine Katya is in the most immediate danger, afterall, she is with Sean who not only is Alex's perfect match like Michael is for Nikita, but he himself is more noticeable and recognizable at least to the underworld operations at the senator's son and now known member of Seal Team Six, so I would think that he is easier to follow for Division and Gogol (and you have to wonder, where did he sleep when he was at Division, wouldn't it be likely they might try and put a tracker on him that might not have the deadly consequences that Alex's did, but similar to the one Nikita had). I imagine Cassandra and Max are long gone for quite awhile, they could probably disappear into Russia fairly easily (had to stand out an English mother with a son who only spoke Russian).


I'm hoping for a season 3, fingers crossed. I think they can have great story lines in the future showing more sentimental irony with Nikita and Micheals relationship and thank goodness they closed Micheal's story with Cassandra it was ok, but they ended it good just in-case they pick it u latter. This episode was one of my favorites cause the fighting scenes with Nikita were awesome and shes so badass, and even Alex beating the division guards too was great and her turning Amanda down proved to me that she don't take Amanda's shit and is really in it for the long haul. Seriously, Maggie Q should play a super hero like Wonder woman with her many talents. Im very stoked to see the next episode with Nikita vs Amanda, I love them both but on two different levels, never really knew that Amanda was bad ass thought she was all talk and manipulating. Nikita best show on CW and on TV in general, SEASON 3 LETSSSS GOOOOOO!!!!!!!


Great episode, as usual. I'm glad they tied up the whole Cassandra/Max story line. It was never my favorite. I loved how Alex turned down Amanda. And I'm just so glad Alex and Nikita are fully back on the same side. I can't wait to see them go after Amanda and Ari. This is such a great show and it breaks my heart that more people don't watch.


Great episode and great show. The thing that bugged me about this episode was when we see Nikita flying the plane. Really? Nikita is a pilot also? It doesn't fit her character, but a good way to handle the tie up the Cassandra story line and show how much Nikita is willing to do for Michael.


thank you everyone i hope after this Season is over they replay it so i can see the episodes i missed


I agree with the review. I liked that Alex was seriously considering taking the offer but turned it down because she doesn't want Amanda to win. Sean's a bad lookout/guard.


@ xmeg816x Cassandra is the mother of Michael's son, Max. Michael and Cassandra had sex on a mission some odd years ago and she ended up pregnant. But Michael didn't know of Max's existence until just recently.


Glad to see the Max/Cassandra SL wrap up but sorry for Michael since he's just lost another child. This episode had way more than I expected. Can't wait for the next one.

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