Person of Interest Review: Two Men and a Baby

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Babies on TV shows often provide whimsical hilarity and scenes including clever hi-jinks, especially when someone is after said baby. It's as if their cuteness can eliminate any possible negatives because, well, babies are just plain cute and covered in rainbows and butterflies.

Yes, "Baby Blue" did in fact incorporate some of those adorable moments - from Reese teaching baby Leila to go undercover and using her as a chick magnet to Finch losing her and frantically finding her with Reese's arsenal. True, he should have been baby-proofing that dangerous place aside from creating a play pen made from books.

And in the end, apart from all the ups and downs Reese and Finch had to endure, they were able to save Leila and prevent her murder.

Protective, Quasi Parents

Except victory had a far more bittersweet conclusion, a less fluffy bunny type atmosphere and one more filled with seeking dangerous criminals for aid.

It's great that Reese found an emotional attachment to Leila and was willing to break glass and beat up bars full of opponents when turning on Terminator mode. Do you have the baby? Time for a choke out. Do you have the baby? I don't care if I shoot you in the head.

Reese was on a mission and nothing would stand in his way; and that's great seeing a hero stop at nothing for his cause. But what was he thinking in going to Elias for help?

Carter truly hit the nail on the head when explaining that Reese did have other alternatives. The fact that he had to give in to Elias to save the baby was disheartening for both Carter and the cause that he's been so focused on.

How can they be fighting for the same thing when he'd rather pick the bad guys like Elias over the good guys like the police? Sure, there are corrupt cops, it's been highly evident, but there aren't good bad guys. That's why they are the bad guys.

I just hope that Carter's slipping faith can be restored, despite the heartbreaking realization that whether Reese consciously knew it or not, admitted that law enforcement, the people who are supposed to follow his ideals, aren't the answer.

Much like many of the more recent episodes, this particular one continued in the format of intertwining the case of the week with the larger arc without compromising either for the sake of the story.

Both were interesting and seeing Reese choose the so-called dark side for help in his cause puts another spin on a show still holding many new twists and turns.

And now that Elias has Moretti what is he going to do with him? Will he kill him? And will Reese ever think about turning to Elias again?

On a similar note, the return focus of Fusco on dealing with his own dark demons and struggling with working for the bad guys was great. He's had to reluctantly become the guy being pulled on everyone's leash. I guess it's hard to escape the life of corruption, even though I want to see him prevail. Poor Fusco.

Is it possible that Reese and Finch might start up their very own Babysitter's Club? Probably not, but the episode just showed another prime example of their desires to help others no matter who they are, and unfortunately, the not so easy decisions one might make in trying to do what's right.

So, is saving one baby's life worth giving up another?


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Wow, what a great episode. I love the fact that Reese faced negative consequences, most shows would have Elias kept his side of the bargin and let Reese have his cake and eat it too whereas this creates a more realistic scenario.


I LOVED this episode, and thought the baby was so darned cute, and Reese's and Finches reactions to her were priceless


As usual another episode.Makes us wanting more.Love the charachters!


Great episode as always! Not to repeat the reviewer or other comments, which are all good, however, I really felt for Reese who was totally upset that there is no honor in thieves and Elias tricked him TWICE -- first almost killing him and the baby in the refrigerator truck, then when a cop is shot in capturing his father (pretty much sealing the father's fate), and bringing on Carter's disappointment in him and what he and Finch do! I so want Elias caught, drawn, and quartered! Very definitely one of the best shows this season!


I say this every week - but what a great show! Some would say it was wrong for Reese to call Elias. I would say yes, but a logical choice for a desperate man who lives on the fringe. It might have been better to go to the police, but they work slower. Criminals R Us move faster because they aren't slowed down by pesky things like laws and rules. I also appreciate Reese paid a price for his decision too. Most shows would've had him save the baby and at least get to the safe house in time to save the good cop. But not POI. He saved the baby, but got manipulated by Elias who captured Moretti and most likely killed the good cop. And lost a partner (hopefully only temporarily) in Carter-a person he truly seems to respect. LOVE IT! And I was glad to see Fusco again. He was a corrupt cop but I think his time with Reese and Finch helped see how good it feels to be the good guy. I was glad he didn't sell out Carter.


Babyblue was a great episode. Love interaction between the actors. I am looking forward to the next episode.


SMS -I think you might stop looking at this show before Carter is removed. So, get used to seeing her or feel free to switch your channel. Some people need to stop drinking that 'Haterade'. I think this review is accurate. We could make a lot of excuses for Reese but he chose to go to Elias for help and look how that escalated an already bad situation. I think the abduction of the witness (Elias' dad) placed a damper on bringing Elias down and her partner was shot (maybe critical). This in a sense is causing Carter to wonder if he trusts her at all.


I like Lionel but I could see an episode where his current situation gets him into deep trouble and Carter has to return to Reese/Finch to help save him. Great episode. The comedy with the baby made a nice change of pace.


I love this show! I AM a Carter fan and I can understand why she feels dissapointed. Probably dissappoined in not only Reese but in herself as well. She is sitting there with her 'partners' blood on her hands. She has been playing both sides and this time someone got hurt. Tricky stuff. I love it! Let's hope our trio will reunite.


Interesting. I don't see it as a clear cut case of choosing the bad guys over the good guys. I think that Reese went to Elias because there wasn't time for the police to find the baby, and Reese knew that Elias would be able to find her before she disappeared for good. It was the time element that made Reese decide to enlist Elias' help. He knew it was a lousy move but his only move to get to her in time. Ahhhh, as usual, a terrific episode and the absolute BEST new show on TV!

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