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"Death Benefits"

Reese goes undercover to get close to a Congressman who could bring down Decima's second Machine on Person of Interest

"Most Likely To..."

Shaw and Reese go undercover at a high school reunion to try and protect the latest Person of Interest.


Finch and Reese get the number of a former government contractor who is stalking a UN diplomat on Person of Interest.

Root's presence puts Finch's life in danger and then his number comes up on Person of Interest. Cal

Secrets about Finch's past and how they relate to present events come to light on Person of Interest.

When a 911 operator needs protection, Finch goes undercover at an emergency call center on Person of Interest.


Reese comes back to work with Finch but a turn of events may have them planning a heist that could end up with them all in jail on Person of Interest.

Reese realizes that his travel plans have been tampered with when he tries to leave the team for good on Person of Interest.

Person of Interest returns after it's winter cliffhanger with the POI team struggling to fight off their enemies with Reese.

Reese heads out on his own while a look back at Finch's teen years gives some insight into how the Machine was created on Person of Interest.