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Obstacles are only obstacles until you move them out of the way.


The Machine is a shield that protects lives.


Finch: Our purpose has always been constant: to save lives. If that's changed somehow, if we're in a place now where the Machine is asking us to commit murder... that's a place I can't go.

I think the Machine wants us to kill McCourt.


Find me Harold Finch.


See? Business as usual. Even if the government's program is on ice, the machine keeps spitting out numbers.


I've killed lots of people, but my friends keep telling me I'm wrong.


Shaw: Got the scoop on why all these women are so fond of you, "Frank." You gave the brunette a promise ring, then slept with her best friend the redhead, before having a fling with the blonde.
Reese: Well, that's not so bad.
Shaw: Whose mother you seduced.

I got the car all packed. AC/DC or the Dixie Chicks?

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