Psych Review: Bad Juju

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Paranormal activity, a new condo, quirky neighbors, Lassiter asking Shawn and Gus for help, the return of Shatner.

Indeed, our boys were in for a crazy time this week on Psych in the James Roday-directed episode, "Heeeeere's Lassie!"

Nothing brings me more joy than to see Lassiter at his most eccentric, or, in this week's case, his most insane.

As much fun as it is for Tim Omundson to play crazy, it has to be more fun to watch him, especially since he is so darn good at it!

Crazy Lassie

In a lot of ways it was kind of sad, knowing that all Lassiter wanted was to get a place for himself and Marlowe, then again, we wouldn't have gotten to witness Carlton's sword wielding rampage on Gus. Nothing could be more entertaining than listening to Gus scream like a girl as Lassiter attempted to dismantle that apparently oak door slash by slash.

If there's one thing Psych excels at, it's homages to horror films, and this love letter to The Shining was no exception. We all know that James, who directed this episode, is a huge fan of the horror genre, so this was definitely right up his alley.

And I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to our hilarious guest stars, Sara Rue and Lou Gossett, Jr. They sure made for some quirky and hilarious neighbors. Too bad Rue's Amy was a real psycho. Misery loves company? Maybe she really just wanted Carlton that badly?

Then there's the return of Shatner! After much hype in the social media realm about his return, it seems Frank O'Hara was responding to an emergency call from Shawn. Too bad Frank has such a conscious when it comes to his beloved Jules, otherwise Shawn would have ended this episode with his overwhelming approval.

It wasn't like we haven't mulled over the complete necessity that Shawn tell Juliet the truth about his so-called abilities, but when even Frank O'Hara can out you as a faker, you know it's time that you reassessed your approach. It keeps becoming more and more clear that Shawn is going to have to tell Juliet the real truth.

I welcome Frank's decision to withhold his blessing. I just hope that it's a function of Shawn being able to say that he is completely honest with Juliet without reservation in the future. If Frank really was asserting that he didn't support their eventual marriage, then we are in for much more family drama than we bargained for.

That said, can we get Shatner back in season 7?!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Creepy kid with the bike.
  • Shawn's garage sale.
  • His inability to remember where he keeps hiding Grandma Gama's ring.
  • celebratory dance at the conclusion that Lassiter's place was haunted.

Do you think Frank will ever give Shawn his blessing? Do you think Carlton will stay in the condo?


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I thought it was priceless. Great as the two main characters are, it's equally great to give the others a chance to shine. There's not a single weak link in the cast; it's a terrific ensemble. And I like the Juliet/Shawn thing right where it is. It's there and it has its moments but it's not taking over. I don't want Psych to become a completely different show, a show about a couple, and neglect all the other characters and relationships made it great to begin with.


It was a pretty average episode of psych, not that that's a bad thing though, even an average psych episode is better than most other shows. With that said i don't like how they advertised Shatner's return, he had such a small roll that by the time you got done watching the previews you knew every single thing that happened.


I loved this episode, I love the whole show. I hope it's around for a very long time.


I loved this episode, I love the whole show. I hour it's around for a very long time.


finding the back guy in the dryer even freak me out I got to say the show has improve lep and bond over the first 3 season


The only good thing about this episode was Tim Omundson's fantastic performance, the rest was pretty lame, in fact during the moments that Tim wasn't doing his thing i almost fell asleep out of sheer boredom. I am very unhappy with these first two episodes. There has been very little Juliet and no Shawn and Juliet AND THAT IS JUST SAD. I need my Shawn and Juliet fix!!!


this season has probably been one of my favorites!!
i am always satisfied after each episode

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Psych Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Lassiter: This door is really solid.
Gus: I think it's oak.

He still didn't give me his blessing....