Revenge PaleyFest Panel: A Flashback, A Beatdown and More!

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Revenge is about to take us back to the early aughts.

At Sunday's PaleyFest panel, the entire cast of this ABC thriller was joined by creator Mike Kelley, who offered up the juiciest of all spoilers to a packed Saban Theatre:

The series will soon air what Kelley dubbed an "origin story," which will tell us a lot more about the day featured in the photo at Lydia's house, where a dark-haired Emily is acting as a waitress.

“The way we’re treating it is that this is an episode of Revenge set in 2002,” said the producer. “We’re not setting it up like a flashback.”

Madeleine Stowe at PaleyFest

Why take such an unusual step?

Star Emily VanCamp explained that setting will provide Emily with “her first glimpse at these people who destroyed her family, when she’s still not quite believing her father and his journals. There’s a big event [that happens] at this New Year’s Eve party, and it really solidifies what her father’s been telling her... That’s sort of the beginning of her journey.”

Among other Revenge panel teases and reveals:

  • Roger Bart will return as Mason Treadwell.
  • The murder trial will be concluded by episode 19, with a time jump taking place before then and the season concluding with winter in The Hamptons.
  • The lengths Victoria will go to in order to protect her son will become evident when she actually orchestrates a beating of Daniel in prison. Said Madeleine Stowe: “In Victoria’s mind, the best way to get her son out of jail is to get the daylights beaten out of him... it’s going to cause a big problem between them.”
  • Having shown off her deceptive side on the most recent new episode, we'll see even more from Ashley in the coming week, previewed Kelly: she'll “have a definite shift in loyalty."

NOTE: Return to TV Fanatic later this week for our red carpet interviews with various cast members, which include scoop from VanCamp on either Jack or Daniel betraying Emily, and advice from Connor Paolo on how to style your hair like his.

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o.k. people, here is how I see things happening in the new season...Victoria is not dumb enough not to expect this bombing to happen so she and the federal agent either didnt really take off or they really faked the crash. Emily will track down her mother just to find that her mother is really the person who hired the white haired man and thus giving Emily one more person to devise revenge on. Grayson will call 911 thus saving Charlottes life, but now he will have to deal with her rath since she will now join forces with Emily to destroy Grayson. Jack will somehow learn the truth about Amanda and Emily thereby causing problems for both of them. Daniel and Ashley will now be a force to be dealt with since he will become interested in her and she will be just as manupultive as Victoria...cant wait for the new season...


Ashley's going to backstab Victoria for Conrad. We saw it coming since they began the divorce process. But, apart from that I'm really excited for the show to come back; it's been too long (even if "Scandal" wasn't as great as the other episodes).


I'd be surprised if the Graysons had nothing to do with the convenient timing of David Clarke's death in prison.


OMG Victoria will let someone beat her child.


did Ashley ever even have any loyalty to shift? was she every loyal to anybody?


Awful moderator. Producer/head writer spoke too much.


Thank God that the murder trial is ending soon. I really don't wanna wait till the end of the season.

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My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

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