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Sometimes I love the twists and turns on Ringer and sometimes they just make me dizzy. Last night's episode, "You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail," had my head spinning.

Lots of questions were answered in this episode but the pace was so quick it was hard to keep up. In the span of one episode Andrew went from a loving romantic to a crook and possible murderer. 

Was he the one behind the attempt on Siobhan's life? What was he willing to do to protect his dirty little secret?

It certainly sounded like he was planning on making the same quick get away as Olivia when it all hits the fan. Could his love for Bridget have made him even more desperate to keep the ponzi scheme going a while longer.

Angry Andrew

There were so many questions about Andrew's character and motivations that I'm not sure what to think of him anymore. And I can't even fathom how he'll react when he finds out that his wife is actually her twin sister he never knew she had. 

Bridget resembled a ping pong ball being bounced back and forth between the men in her life. From Andrew, to Malcolm, to Henry, she couldn't quite figure out who to believe or which side to fall on. The last bounce over to see Tyler turned her world upside down yet again.

When Siobhan said she had to take care of Malcolm I immediately wondered if he'd meet the same fate Charlie had. Luckily for Malcolm she simply pretended to be Bridget and told him off, hoping he'd back off entirely. 

Speaking of Siobhan pretending to be Bridget, it doesn't look like she'll be able to do that any longer. After weeks of not showing at all she's suddenly looking very, very pregnant. I suppose that's what having twins will do to you.

Malcolm was determined to protect Bridget and he finally chose to do the right thing and testify that Makawi kidnapped him. Granted, if he'd done that months ago perhaps Bridget wouldn't still be in this mess.

Better late than never, I guess.

Of course Siobhan's boy toy Tyler couldn't be trusted to get anything right. First he went behind Siobhan's back to try and take down Martin Charles. He told Siobhan he'd get another job and support them. Yeah, I'm sure it's a piece of cake to get hired in the financial sector after you've been linked to a ponzi scheme. Tyler's a little naive.

The Olivia scared the heck out of him when she confronted him with information from her own contact at the SEC. Tyler didn't know which way to turn and couldn't get out of town fast enough. I knew he wouldn't survive to the end of the episode.

Agent Machado's back story finally explained why he seemed so personally involved in the case against Makawi. He fell in love with his stripper / informant and Badawi murdered and dismembered her. Only after the fact did Machado find out she was pregnant with his child.

Yeah, I don't think he'll be backing off this one any time soon.

So did Olivia actually murder Tyler and if so, was she also the one behind the attempt on Siobhan's life? Is Andrew in deep enough to commit murder and what are his plans for Malcolm?

I was exhausted trying to keep up with this latest episode of Ringer. How about you?


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Just wanted to say that Agent Machado's backstory was so sad. Not only was his love killed by Macawi. But, she was dismembered *and* she was pregnant. UGH! If RINGER is not renewed, I would like the series to end with Macawi going to jail for her murder.


why is everyone overlooking the fact that Henry was at the hotel as well, and has shown time and again that Siobhan has him by the nose and will do anything he's told? He ALSO delayed Bridget when she came in to the lobby- while he was doing it, I was confused, but in hindsight, it's pretty possible he was just stalling her. Either because he was making sure Tyler was DEAD dead before anyone found him, or he knew the real killer needed a couple more minutes to seal the deal...


omg I loved this ep!! I'm so pissed Malco didn;t get to listen to the message!! I really hope he doesn't die! And Man is Siobhan cold, she wants her sister dead while her son's death was an accident! I hate her and I can't beleive Henry didn't realize how evil she was when she said that she didn't want her sister protected! I wish he'll realize that and tell Bridget about Sibhan! And man..I really can't beleive that Andrew is capable of murder! he was so sweetto Bridget only one ep before..this is shocking! I hoe it was Olivia who did the killing!


It seems that Andrew and Olivia are working together yet she could be the killer. It could be that she and Andrew are having an affair? Also, it seems ironic that there is a character named Andrew and a character named Olivia. Doesn't anybody think that Juliet is like Cordelia?
Why would Andrew even mention a line about vampires being invited in the house? That seemed weird in this series?


Wow. By the end of this episode, TWO major players might be dead! No way Bridget is ever going back now. And Andrew. Oh, Andrew. How you let me down. I had really hoped that he and Bridget could have had a life together after all the crazy had ended. (alright, not really possible) But that man is capable of murder. Murdering Malcom, that is. Geez. Andrew and Olivia are one deadly, ruthless power business-couple. Would NOT want to cross them. I feel extremely sorry for Bridget. Out of the frying pan and into the volcano, huh?
Never thought I'd say this, but can't we go back to simpler times, when Juliet was still pulling the rape-con and Henry didn't have that annoyingly satisfied I'm-in-the-know face every time he sees Bridget?


This episode certainly turned everything I thought I knew about the show on its ear. Which is good, because it keeps it interesting. In the beginning, I was sure that Siobhan was behind the attempted hit on Bridget. And while I think Andrew does not really want to kill his wife, but Olivia would not be bothered by it. Not that that makes Andrew innocent. Olivia dropped Tyler off at the hotel, and then Bridget watched Andrew enter the hotel. Once she decided to go in herself, she found Tyler dead. I think it is a good chance that Andrew did kill him. Whether he did or not, I do not like the fact that he has just showed up at Malcolm's door. It doesn't look good for him right now. And that would just be about fitting since he just volunteered to help Machado, and that poor guy can't catch a break. I can't wait to see where this keeps going. But I wonder with everything starting to come out in the open, will they be able to put on a second season?


I hope Andrew didn't do it!


I want both Siobhan and Bridget to bitch slap Olivia. Her character is annoying.


Best episode so far IMO. The series really picked up after the hiatus. I feel like this review/reviewer is hating on the show and episode and I don't like it. Sarah Michelle Gellar is forever and always my favorite actress. Also @Diana LOL at your comment. I'd be so happy if Buffy actors could be reunited on Ringer. Maybe Giles could be an associate of Andrew's since he has a British accent!

Sarah silva

Sorry I meant Olivia not Julia....half asleep here

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You can't stay here where it's more dangerous than what you left behind.


I really thought Olivia was behind the ponzi scheme. She's a conniving bitch.