Robert Ri'chard Teases Closeness to Come Between Jamie and Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries

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They may share a last name, but The Vampire Diaries has made it very clear: Jamie Bennett is NOT Bonnie Bennett's brother. Did you catch that not-so-subtle line on last Thursday's episode?

It was reiterated to me again last night on the phone with Robert Ri'chard, who has come on board The CW thriller in the role of Abbie's adopted son. What did producers tell him about the role when he first signed on?

"They made it clear I'm not Bonnie's brother," the actor said. "I'm not family to her, but I'm gonna play an important, personal role in her life."

Robert Ri'chard as Jamie

Meaning what, exactly? Will romantic sparks fly? Robert Ri'chard couldn't say, but he did elaborate on a bond that forms between the pair.

With Abby out of both of their lives, Jamie and Bonnie will grow "closer and closer," Robert Ri'chard teased. "She's the only person he can turn to. Yes, she's a witch... but she's also really pretty!"

And what does Bonnie see in Jamie? (Not that the actor isn't handsome, of course).

"He's paternal," Ri'chard said. "He's strong. She really admires his strength. There's a protective nature about him him, which it helpful in this town of vampires, witches and werewolves."

The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode tomorrow night. Check out a clip from "The Murder of One" now!

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David and sabrina 2014

It looks like Bonnie's friend will be helpful to her and draw up more closer to her. I wonder how'll he spic up the show as each newer episode comes. =]


HELLOOOOOO - WHAT HAPPENED TO BEREMY?!!! and i would rather jamie/bonnie as friends obviously.. the idea seems too wierd.


To me Jamie is like a brother to Bonnie.


I Love Bonnie Bennett! She's the only character on the show that has common sense besides Damon Salvatore & Matt Donovan. I don't feel Jamie at all and feel Bonnie does deserve some happiness but not with Jamie nor Jeremy. The most productive relationship Bonnie has had was with Luca and he was killed off the show. There was obviously chemistry between the two. Luca & Bonnie were magical together! I'd have had no other way! Team Bonnie!!!!


Ok, they couldn't even give Jaime another last name, his last name is Bennett. Abby adopted him, really? My father adopted his 2nd and 3rd wives children too, I didn't grow up him them but I sure in hell did not and would not date them!! I can't believe they think people are going to ship this couple. They have finally put the nail in Bonnie's coffin. I hope he is not coming back for S4.


@BBfan I agree. Why couldn't they just be brother and sister? It would have been interesting to see her have something like that. I'm still waiting for her cousin to come back. I really hope Bonnie and Jamie won't date. It's too off for me and they should use this time to let her have more family, even if they're not directly related.


This is kind of legit disgusting. o_o' Why would it be so hard to let them have a sibling bond. They share the same last name, and her mother basically chose to raise this dude over her. She should feel some resentment but ROMANCE? Bonnie is not my fave, but this is ridiculous.




I bet none of you could do better, just worst. This show is STILL my favorite, that's never going to change! I'm happy Bonnie wasn't killed back & obviously Jeremy will be back sometime since they are still showing him in the episodes. I personally can't wait for this "personally" relationship they will have. ~*Ian


@QueenBee94 Oh STFU. I luv me some Bonnie Bennett and lots of ppl do as well!

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