Sean Astin, Jocko Sims to Guest Star on NCIS

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NCIS, and Jamie Lee Curtis, return March 20.

In "The Tell", the Secretary of the Navy, Clay Jarvis (Matt Craven), partners Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Dr. Samantha Ryan (Curtis) after top secret government information is leaked by someone on the inside.

Gibbs and Ryan on the same team, presumably? Should be a treat to watch. Meanwhile, Sean Astin of Rudy and The Lord of the Rings fame (below left) guest stars in the same episode as Tyler Elliott. 

NCIS Guest Starz

Elliott is a fellow PsychOps investigator who comes in to assist on the case.

A week later, the March 27 episode is titled "The Good Son" and centered around Director Vance (Rocky Carroll). It will offer a rare glimpse into the character's personal life, along with the addition of a new family member. 

Jocko Sims will play Vance's brother-in-law (presumably his wife's, or possibly his sister's, brother), Michael, who is brought into NCIS when he becomes the lead suspect in a murder case, according to TV Guide.

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i love vance and gibbs togetherm plus fornell they all make a good mix of interest together


Glad to see more of Vance. I like the way the relationship between him and Gibbs is developing...there is more trust and mutual respect. Also like the fact that they don't keep killing off the directors. Think the chemistry between Vance and the team is the best yet


i agree the guest star... don't trust Vance... i liked it when lauren Holly was Director Sheppard.


Once again we look forward to a wonderful ride. Curtis was amazing and I hope she is reoccurring. As far as Vance, while we love Rocky -- that character and I never got along, period. I do not like him. I do not trust him and honestly if he were to leave I would be the first doing the happy dance.


cool Vance gets more family. but I want to see Abby's brother that she met and I want to see the brother she grew up with.

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