Shonda Rhimes: No Plan For Katherine Heigl Return to Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice creator Shonda Rhimes is a busy woman.

Her new ABC series, Scandal, debuts April 5, and she's got several pilots in the works. As for her flagship show, most of the Grey's Anatomy cast is taking part in the March 18 musical charity event held at UCLA.

The title, in homage to 2011's "The Song Beneath the Song", is Grey's Anatomy: The Songs Beneath the Show. It will benefit The Actors Fund and nearly the entire cast is lined up to participate in the special concert.

Even more exciting, she's confident all the cast wants to return for Season 9.

Excerpts from Rhimes' interview with TV Guide below ...

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On how the charity event came about: "When we did the musical episode last season, we discovered we had way more singing talent than we ever imagined ... the entire cast, with the exceptions of Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams, who has a prior commitment, is on board and pretty excited."

It's unclear why Ellen and Patrick will be absent, but "Sara Ramirez, Kevin McKidd, Justin Chambers, Chyler Leigh and Jessica Capshaw are all going to sing. Sandra Oh has stated she's not a singer, so she'll do a couple special things."

"Eric Dane, Sarah Drew, James Pickens Jr., Kim Raver and Chandra Wilson will also take the stage."

On whether Patrick and Ellen will be back next season: "I have no idea. I have my fingers crossed. What I think is really lovely is that everybody wants to come back. There's [money] stuff happening."

"I am [confident], but I have a plan in place for the finale that can occur regardless of who is staying. Our goal is to have Derek and Meredith move in to the completed dream house. [A real L.A. home will be used.] And our residents will be interviewing for jobs all around the country."

On whether Katherine Heigl's desire to return will be realized: "I think it was really nice to hear her appreciating the show. At the same time we are on a track we have been planning."

"The idea of changing that track is not something we are interested in right now."

On whether Addison will have a baby on Private Practice: "I will say this: That journey is going to be completed by the time the season is over, and I think fans will be very satisfied.

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Well Shonda had to smack that bomb for a six and out, KH is not returning this season and all I'll say is good.
We all know SR sets out her seasons from may/June before said season even begins, so if KH had expressed interest back then she may of had a chance but no she waited til she saw the season was doing well in the ratings again, typical. Sorry Izzie fans but that ship has sailed and sunk, alex gave her the divorce she wanted and let her go end of story.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

What does that mean that "everybody's coming back" but unsure of Patrick and Ellen? I had heard that they might leave but doesn't everybodys coming back include them too? I really really really don't want them to leave!!I think Shonda might have heard our complaints about K.H. coming back!! If I remember correctly we all thought she is a great actress and was great on the show but she left and the storyline's doing well without her! I still wouldn't mind seeing her in a few guest appearances somehow though! The comment about Private Practice and Addie having a baby - I can almost bet n it that she is going to raise her sisters baby!!


whoops I meant Patrick


I am so glad that everybody wants to come back! and if Ellen and Derek don't come back, i will be upset, but I will be happy that they will end on a happy note with Zola and the whole Mcfamily in their Dream Home!!!


Just a note. I love how Owen and Callie are clapping.


I'm so jealous of the people living in the US. They have the possibility to meet the cast of my favourite TV Show!!! I wish I'd get that chance,too. But paying a flight to LA plus the 250 Dollar VIP Ticket is simply too much :(


I'm happy to find out MerDer move into the dream house together. I've just seen the promo to 8.17 and was quite depressed by Der blaming Mer for an operation going wrong.
It makes total sense for the planning of the SLs to be too far along to just have Iz pop up again for no good reason. KH should have stated her interest in returning prior to the start of S8. But after the fiasco of her leaving in S6 who can blame Shonda for not rearranging everything to fit in with KH's 'wish' to return


Go Shonda!
After all Katherine Heigl has messed Grey's around quite a bit. Still, I would love to see her come back for the final episode of the whole series and Izzie and Alex could reunite. that would be awesome.


Where are they now? George Omalley- Greys
Marrisa- The O.C
Tony Childs- Girlfriends
and many of them who feel they are bigger than the shows that made them.


I too would like to see Izzie back, but it's too much on the writers and Shonda. She's got 2 shows, another upcoming one in April and a pilot that has been greenlit. So I think Izzie return should at least wait till next season or the last episode of this season.

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Meredith (closing voiceover)

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