Switched at Birth Review: Prom and Drama

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One thing I know about life as a teenager: the prom is never boring.

On "Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time" it was the Carlton prom and Emmett and Daphne were excited to ask their dates. Of course, given that this was the spring finale of Switched at Birth, you knew things would be taken to a higher level of intensity than normal.

There is something to be said for the executives at ABC Family, they sure know how provide content that can keep a viewer hanging. Oh, and did I mention that Angelo's back?

Switched at Birth Season Finale Pic

For anyone else, it would be hard hard to look that sexy in jail, but this ia Angelo. I always knew he was shady, but tonight when he basically asked Bay for money and allowed his child to feel like nothing more than a piggy bank, I really started to get pissed at him. Haven't both of his daughters endured enough?!? I don't blame Daphne for really not wanting much to do with him.

Elsewhere, Regina has finally given in to liking a new man and Mr. Art Dealer seems good enough to me. But, of course, just like clockwork, the minute you allow yourself to move on from your ex he pops up in a bigger and bolder way than before. A green card marriage seems pretty on par with extremely big and bold.

This puts Regina in a crappy position because it's not just about her, it's about Bay and Daphne's best interest. Otherwise, I think she should pretty much go tell him to fly a kite... in much harsher terms. That phrase has always seemed laughable to me, but we all know it's the G-rated version of saying to some "GFY." Angelo is selfish, plain and simple. He is toxic to their lives.

This episode just goes to show how much the past can come back to haunt us. Of course I'm mostly referring to the Emmett and Simone's one night stand. I knew Wilkie would end up spilling the beans to Daphne. It was too big of a secret for him to keep. Honestly, I'm glad he did tell Daphne. She is a pretty rational person and she knew how to handle it.

She also knew, like any best friend would, that Emmett had lied to her face. I appreciated the fact that Daphne didn't accuse or lecture Emmett, but rather asked him simply and directly. She didn't make it dramatic; she asked, she got an answer and she apologized for the inconvenience. This made Emmett feel guiltier than he already did since he blatantly lied to his most trusted friend. 

I'm glad he told Bay. She deserved to know. I only hope that Toby gets pulled into the loop. Relationships shouldn't be based on lies. Will Bay forgive Emmett? We'll have to wait for the show to return to find out.

We also have to wait to find out if Colleen is at all a reliable witness. She had some good points underneath the crazy. Will Kathryn tell John they need a new lawyer after the almost-kiss? Is it not worth mentioning if he's still the best person for the job? 

Some other questions: Now that Wilkie is off to boarding school on The CW with Carrie Bradshaw, will Daphne perhaps find a new love interest? Last but of course not least: will Regina consider the sham marriage? Tonight left us with a lot of question marks. Hit the comments and return June 5 for answers.


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Please please bring wilkie back ); so sad.


I'm not trying to be mean or anything i just feel that they should have canceled this show instead of the nine lives of chloe king. They just stopped it. I mean cant they just make one more season and fix all the cliff hangers. At first i started watching Switched at Birth but then it kind of got predictable. You could just tell what was going to happen next. So please Abc Family put The Nine Lives of Chloe King back on. No offense to anyone intended it's just me.


http://youtu.be/2qqUWOjP3G0 This song is about a young girl who fell in love with the soul of a handsome charming guy who never spoke, cause he was deaf. Spoken words were never needed, cause he constantly spoiled her with more love than she could ever imagine possible. Devoted Actions of the Heart! Inspired by the TV show "Switched at Birth"


I love this show! It's awesome and also inspired me to appreciate the deaf community more. I'm so sad I have to wait so long to see more! I can't wait and I hope they have more after next season. I love Bay and Emmitt but her and Ty really looked good together, he's so good looking. And I couldn't stand Simone from the get-out. That Wasatch a shocker, her and Enmity, but good twist. What will this mean for Bay and Ty now?


I absoulutly LOVE "Switched at Birth"!!! I love all the drama my parents say Im addicted to watching "abc family" shows. I guess their right since I also LOVE "Make It or Break It"!! If you dont know yhe show you should really watch it its addictive!!I still cant beilieve that Emmett would do such a thing to Bay and with Simone. I have been learning ASL because the show ispired me.Oh and guess how old I am.................. IM 11 YEARS OLD!!!! OMG!!!

Saad khan

Travis looks really Old, they should have cast a good guy to play opposite Dephne if Wilke is leaving the show for CW's Carries Diaries.
Plus I found Bay extremely annoying she had three boyfriend one after another than she is fighting over Angelo with everybody and in the end she acts all sweet and charming.. I'm kind of fed up of it.. someone should slap her out of it. thanks God she know about Simone & Emmett but I'm afraid we've to see more whining of Bay!!!


Wonder if Daphne will start dating Travis? At least they can communicate.


Wow a shocker ending can't wait till June 5 for all the abc family shows


I think Wilke won over a lot of fans in these last few episodes. I thought his surprise for Daphne was so sweet, though he probably shouldn’t have turned her down for prom in the first place. We don’t know what’s in store for their relationship in the future, but they can at least be in touch as friends. Plus who knows, maybe Daphne will meet another guy! What do you all think of Travis?


So is the return date for SAB June 5th then?

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I guess you're just full of surprises.

Daphne [to Wilkie]

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