Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Scoop: Secrets and Swans

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's season two finale of Pretty Little Liars.

So... are you satisfied? On this wildly-hyped concluding episode, we learned the identity of A. Sort of.

Masks and Mystery

But is Mona really A? Was the reveal a cop-out because now the show will just turn its attention to a new stalker (B?) on season three, which kicks off on June 5? Or a series of stalkers, all members of Team A? Creator Marlene King answered a few pressing questions in a post-finale interview with Entertainment Weekly...

Why Mona? "She really wanted to get Hanna back all to herself. Mona hates Hanna the most because the other three were Allison’s friend, but Hanna was her friend. She feels the most personally betrayed by Hanna.”

Who else is on Team A? “I don’t think anyone should assume anything...  we’re going to have the Pretty Little Liars and everyone keep a little bit of radio silence on the tweeting until we come back because we really want people to be surprised with what season 3 of the show is.”

Come on. Just a bit of season 3 scoop please? Okay...

  • Mona will still be around.
  • We'll meet members of Ezra's family.
  • The question of whether Alison's death and Maya's death is related will be addressed.
  • What about the Black Swan? "That’s a mystery that’s coming back,” King says. “Who was that person talking to Jenna and Lucas? And who is the Black Swan?”
  • Garrett will remain in jail for Allison’s murder.
  • The NAT club will play a key role.
  • And who was the person in red? "Red is the new black," King simply says.

What did you think of the A reveal? Were you happy with it?


I hope maya is not dead bcuz her and emily match and y did the A team go after maya if she is dead? Is it bcuz the A team wanted emily to be hurt or is it that A team was jealous?


My A team theory
Mona (duh)
Aria (debateable she could or couldnt be but people have good reason why she is)


I think the A team is Ezra, Wren, Alison(Still alive), and Mona(obviously).I think Ezra because A uses a type writer a lot and in one episode he was sitting in the diner with Dr. Sullivan and the waitres said something like "Hey there pretty eyes", and the only one to girls who has pretty eyes is Ezra.(But I have a crush on Spencer)I think Wren because A was signed on Hanna's cast and could of easily messed with Emily's cream.Guess what, Wren works in that same hospital.I think Alison because as Marlene King said "Red is the new black"so maybe, the person in the red(Alison) is actually the black swan(the same person who was talking to Jenna at the picnic table in the woods).Also, in the Halloween episode flashback Ali was telling this kid a horror story how a girl killed her sister this is a huge reference so maybe Ali killed her sister faked her death and Ali's sister was the 2nd kid borne besides Jason.All of you may be saying "Oh we'll the black swan had black hair and they were certain it was Ali's body and Ali's sister would have been in hospital records".Well I have answers.First, Ali could have easily been wearing the same wig she used when she was Vivian Darkbloom.2nd well twin means look a lot alike per say my teacher and her sister look exactly alike.Last, if A is wacko enough to get rats blood on a trophy she can easily eject her DNA in the sisters body and take out hers.Thanks for reading.Can't wait 'till season 3.P.S. A is a phyco.Thanks bye!


Why did they have to kill off maya it was just so stupid so we get to see a broken down emily while the three other girls are happy and if emily end up with paige I will be pissed bring maya back.


@Dimity, How could the black swan be Melissa if she us pregnant, it would kind of be obvious


my friend has read the scripts for the upcoming seasons.
Alison isn't dead, your right, monas a ploy.. every dream etc they had about her was real. shes playing all of them though the help of the A team. why? you may ask.. she never liked the girls, she hated them all.
Ezra and aria are still together, Spencer cheats on Toby with ren.
thats all for now =)


Mixed bag of emotions with the finale. Great to see we get some answers - through Mona (who i think was working with/for 'A' or with a group of people for 'A') and like someone else said here - how did Spencer not pick up on the clues? The writing on this show is sometimes honky..but let's not go there :) Also, I feel bad for Emily - she is one of my faves and as usual she is left in the lurch again but...i was never a fan of Maya - but this was probably 'cos i always thought she was probably the worst actor on the show. Maybe the show producers also thought that too...Who knows? :)


season finale is great but its so sad because maya is dead! i don't like paige to be emily's girlfriend!


I have never cried so hard, after watching Emily's reaction to what may have been the body being found of her girlfriend Maya. Especially after the 'death' of 'Alison'. I think the whole 'death' of Maya was an attempt of the 'a team' to lead into further investigation on Emily. The 'a team' is trying to seperate each of them. Thats why the 'a team' has repeatedly forced each one of them to hurt one another and to seperate them from their families and loved ones because they are 'weak' when they are apart. Alison worked to keep them together. This is seriously something to think about. The answers are in each one of ours questions. I can't wait for season 3.


If you watch the halloween episode you will see the creepy masked figure creep around a wall and you can see they have blonde curly hair JUST LIKE ALI'S!!! I think A is Alison who never really died. I mean think about it, she's the one who almost killed and killed Ian. I think Alison still has Courtney's wig and wore it at the ball along with a black swan costume. I think she blackmailed Mona into pretending she was A. She uses Noel, Mona, Garret, and Jenna to do things for her so she won't be seen by the girls. I honestly don't think any one of those four could do all this on their own.
OMG I broke down into tears when I saw Emily cry over Maya, I LOVED

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