The Good Wife Round Table: "After the Fall"

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From Will at home to Caitlin in the courtroom, The Good Wife viewers witnessed characters in new situations on last Sunday's "After the Fall."

What did our Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica and Christine Hinton think of the episode? Read on for their thoughts and chime in with your own...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: It's gotta be when David Lee plopped down in that chair outside Eli's office. The Good Wife is terrific at pairing various individuals either with each other or against each other and I found myself smiling broadly any time Julius, David or Eli were on screen.

Carissa: When Will's sister's showed up. They were nothing as I would have expected and I loved how they dominated him. They gave great insight into his character.

Christine: Will's sisters were a surprise. I never would have pictured him as the beleaguered brother being hen-pecked by a couple of meddling siblings. I loved it when his sister called him on his tone of voice changing when he was on the phone with Alicia.  Very cute.

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Who is more deserving of being a name partner: Julius, David Lee or Eli?
Matt: Julius. The guy is a straight shooter at least. David Lee, while hilarious, is only ever after himself and Eli only cares about the principle of winning. Julius, from what we can tell, is actually a committed attorney, one who made a clear pitch to Diane.

Carissa: Julius and David Lee can scrap it out. I'm not even sure Eli is in for the long haul, so he certainly doesn't deserve it. It feels like a stop along the path to working for Peter again to me.

Christine: They're all such power hungry weasels. Will's not gone a week and they're all measuring his office, but that's what happens. The moment someone is down there's always someone ready to step on them to boost themselves up. In this case, three someones. Will's very lucky to have Diane. That kind of loyalty is rare.

Is Alicia really considering a reunion with Peter?
Matt: No. She just hates being played, especially by anyone at the firm. She rejected David Lee for what he said to Eli, not because she has any notions of a reconciliation with Peter.

Carissa: I think she'll always consider it until she has another relationship that is real. That's the nature of such things. It's easy to imagine going back to what you were used to, even if it sucked, just to be there again.

Christine: He's still her husband, the father of her kids, and whether she admits it or not there's something about his power and position that she finds attractive. I don't think the pros outweigh the cons by any measure but I do believe Alicia still considers it an option.

Will and Kalinda: Would they work as a couple?
Matt: I highly doubt it. Will can't be manipulated by Kalinda and, unfortunately for her, that's the main way we've seen her in all romantic entanglements. They would have a killer nickname, however: Kill.

Carissa: Not to me. The only man I'd want to see Kalinda with is Cary and I won't accept anyone else in his place. Well... until they introduce someone who can fill his shoes. Will isn't that man.

Christine: God, no. They're much too different but they make a great team as colleagues and friends. I'm still holding out for a Will/Alicia reunion at some point in the future. I can't even imagine a partner who can keep up with Kalinda.

Grade this week's court case.
Matt: I'll go all out A because it was my favorite of the season. The topic itself was interesting and the way it wove in Caitlin will pay off down the road.

Carissa: I liked it, most certainly because I became obsessed with "The Bridge" about jumpers off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A filmmaker watched people return day after day and finally take the plunge, and then did background on them as people. It was surreal. Then I even looked at blog posts of those who died, etc. It's morbidly fascinating to imagine what happens in the mind of someone contemplating suicide, and since I believed it was based loosely on that real movie, I found the case equally so.

Christine: B+. All of the factors that drive someone to end their own life are horrifying, but I found the debate over the filmmaker's intent and responsibilities fascinating. Plus the blonde on blonde competition was amusing.


The scenes with Will's sisters turned TGW into a sitcom, and not a very good one. Also, if we have to have siblings, why did we need two, who also apparently can drop their lives at a moment's notice to go and stay with their millionaire brother. Also, why, why, oh why, is Eli of all people getting the sex scenes when studs like Carey, Will and Peter are available?!!!


In the "After the Fall" episode, who played the witness on the stand who talked about enhancing the scenes in the suicide footage (a colleague of the defendant)? I know I've seen him before, I just can't place where or when.


No he's not, he is involoved in investments and knows alot of high ranking people.


Eli is a lawyer. He owned a firm and took his business to Alicia's firm. The scene where she asks him to connect her to clients includes him asking her why he would need a law firm when he owns one essentiall.


I wish the writers would do some legal research before creating plots or incidents that are not supported by the law. In the latest episode, Eli Gold talks to Diane about wanting to be a named partner in the firm. Eli is not a lawyer. Under the law in Illinois (and all other states), non-lawyers are not allowed to be partners in, or owners of, law firms. I'm a lawyer in Illinois, and I know whereof I speak!


1. I have to agree any of the scenes with David Lee, Julius or Eli......... 2. Julius, although he is being under handed in trying to kick Will while he's down 3. Good grief, I hope not 4. ABSOLUTELY NOT 5. A


1. They myswell go for his office and seat he won't have it that long anyway. His sisters are perfect to harp on his ass. 2. Julius 3. YES, she is not going to throw out the one thing thay keeps her protected when needed, plus the kids adore him and believe in his sincerity. 4. ABSOLUTLY the perfect couple till Kalinda husband comes to town ! 5. C-


1. Probably David Lee camping outside Eli's office. Their power struggle cracks me up. But Will's sisters were a close second. 2. Definitely not Eli. He has been there what-4 months? And he's not even a lawyer. Probably Julius because David Lee is just not a people person. But really, none of them deserve it. 3. From a personal biased opinion, gosh, I hope not. Trying to be objective, I think her motivation at this point is being mad at David Lee. I don't think reuniting with Peter is out of the question. I think she feels divorcing Peter and being with Will permanently complicates her life, which she doesn't want. Getting back with Peter would be easier. But I don't think long term it would make her happy, she is just not ready to accept that. 4. No, I don't think they would be a good match romantically but I do love their friendship. 5. B+. Like the case, it was interesting and as much as I dislike Caitlin, they used her well. Plus I love Mamie Gummer.


1. Will's sisters annoying him.
2. None.
3. Yes..
4. NO! Will and ElsbethYes
5. D -


1. I'm torn between will's sisters ,because they were hilarious,meddling,and pretty much have him wrapped around their fingers. They seem close the three of them so it was cute to watch. I also loved caitlin stealing the other lawyer's "oh shucks "bit. She looked pissed. It was hysterical.
2. None if the vultures.
3. I doubt it.
4. I actually think they would,but why,why must every platonic relationship lead to other implication s? They should never be a couple. I LOVE their friendship though. I like kalinda single and she's that best friend type for will. Outside if Diane he doesn't appear to have many friends. Kalinda gives him that. Their is a nice ease to their newfound friendship that both needed.
5 A. It was a classic TGW episode.

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