The Lying Game Season Finale Scoop: Bombshell Ahead!

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This week's penultimate episode of The Lying Game left a lot of fans buzzing about the show’s favorite couple Emma and Ethan.

What does the future hold for these two? What is it like to work with an actress taking on two roles? And what will go down on Monday's season finale? Who better to ask for a few answers than Ethan Whitehorse himself, Blair Redford!

Blair Redford on The Lying Game

First, of course, Ethan loved Sutton... then he loved Emma... then he kissed Sutton and finally confessed to Emma. Our heads were spinning. Was Emma correct in telling Ethan he'd always want Sutton?

“Well, I personally think Ethan does believe he’s done with Sutton," Redford said. "I just believe they had such a troubled time lately that it’s got him pretty confused, but rightly so.”

Don't shake your head in anger, fans. At least not too violently. Redford assured me that we would see some sort of resolution in the finale. Ethan is really going to try to make his feelings for Emma known on "Unholy Matrimony." And that's far from all.

“You’re probably going to get the biggest bomsbhell of the entire season by far," the actor teased of the finale.

Might this be related to the biological parents of the twins? Redford simply said it's a development no one will see coming.

On a separate note, I asked what it's like to work with Alexandra Chando as she takes on dueling roles.

“It’s obviously something new and different, not many actors get to experience that, but it helps that she has so clearly defined the two characters. My reaction is very fitting of the story because of Alexandra’s hard work.”

Overall, Redford is clearly more than just a pretty face. He’s very sweet and totally appreciative of the show's fan base.

“It’s actually amazing," he says. "It blows me away how passionate they are with that stuff, artwork on Tumblr, videos on YouTube; it really blows me away the commitment and the passion the fans have, it always impresses me and I appreciate that they are moved to create something like that.”

NOTE: Check back tomorrow for my interview with Alexandra Chando!

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Just wondering, is anyone a Sutton/Ethan fan? I'm a Emma/Ethan fan myself, but I've never seen any Sutton/Ethan supporters.


Honestly, I like the idea of Ethan and Emma as a couple! As for Sutton, she is just spoiled bratt! Both Ethan and Thayer have fallen for the sweet sensitive Emma... Does Sutton really love Ethan? I think that Sutton just realized she does love Ethan, but Ethan loves Emma... When she could have had Ethan, she was too busy playing mind games! It's funny how things work out, isn't it?


I'm and E&E fan too!! Ughh I really can't wait to see what this big 'bombshell' everyone's talking about is! There HAS to be a season 2, otherwise I really don't know what i'll do!


Team Emma/Ethan fan here. The upcoming episode preview showed Ethan telling Sutton that his feelings for her are gone. What if Sutton then realizes that she wants Ethan and Emma to be together, and Sutton brings Emma/Ethan back together. Sound too nuts? Maybe, but why not?


Does anyone know when they will announce if it has been picked up for a 2nd season? For some unbelievable reason, the ratings have been steadily declining each week which has me very concerned! Remember what happened to The Nine Lives of Chloe King. It wasn't even as good a show as this. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed because from the sound of this interview, they CAN"T leave us hanging like this without having anything resolved. That would be beyond cruel!


Can't wait for the big bombshell. And Alexandra's answers. :)


Great interview Leigh!!

The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Oh my God, something's happening. I actually think I feel bad for you.

Sutton [to Emma]

Is that why you waited until we were half naked in a motel room to tell me you were into Sutton?

Emma [to Ethan]