The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: The Aftermath

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When a show is on hiatus for a long time, it's important to refresh everyone's memory with the premiere, while still moving the story forward. I think The Secret Life of the American Teenager did a great job in "Smokin' Like A Virgin" of treating us to the aftermath of the big lake party

Unfortunately, due to Ashley's irritating reappearance and a few really unrealistic plotlines, I couldn't bring myself to give this episode a perfect 5 star rating. I'm sorry but I'm not sure there is a character on TV who irritates me as much as Ashley Juergens. Not even Simone from Switched at Birth.

Ashley has a paltry arc, her snark isn't even enjoyable anymore and she is just a downright misery to watch. Sorry, but I'm not sorry for wishing she'd stayed in Florida.

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Okay, onto everything else I'd so much rather talk about! First of all, it is NOT weird to want a long engagement, especially at 17 years old. Why are George and Nora rushing Amy and Ricky down the aisle? Do they watch Teen Mom? Let the girl finish high school, jeez. At least Ann has some sense. 

Also, let's not pretend that Amy just wanted a "ring." She wanted what the ring symbolized and that was a promise. I don't think Amy has ever been a golddigger or a competitive girl who just wants to get married because all her friends are (let's talk in 10 years). It's also not like Ricky slipped some Kim Kardashian sized Harry Winston sparkler on Amy's finger. It's not about the material ring! 

I think if everyone would stop interfering with their lives, Amy and Ricky could happily make their own decisions. It's when people are in their ears that things get complicated. 

Ben was happy for a hot minute in this episode until he found out his best friend had sex with his almost ex-wife. Ex or not, you just do not go there. Sure, Henry seemed remorseful, but Ben is allowed to take some time to be angry. Then, we have Lauren and Madison. Not only does Madison have a huge set of cajones to sleep with her best friend's boyfriend, but to show up at her house after looking like a sad puppy? Bitch, no one feels bad for you!

Y'all know that Madison is another person on Secret Life that I've just never been a fan of. She and Lauren have always been so gossipy and annoying, but Lauren I have really warmed too. Plus, I truly feel for her, what an awful betrayal from her best friend.

Back to Ben's happiness, this girl Dylan is a red flag. Stage 5 clinger alert! Meeting a guy and having one date does not make him your boyfriend. But I'll give her the benefit of the doubt because she's a teenager and hasn't been jaded by a bunch of failed relationships. While I think it was nuts that she showed up at Ben' door after he last minute cancelled, I think it also shows some chutzpah and Ben seemed to dig it. 

Her friends are not a good influence it seems. Leave it to Secret Life to make it a huge deal about a little pot smoking. This girl seems so innocent but she's lighting up joints, how's that for an oxymoron? How is that even possible with her parents on her ass every second! Shout out to The Facts of Life cameo with Mindy Cohn as Dylan's mom!

I love seeing Grace and Jack together. I am rooting for these two to get back together. She halfheartedly admitted that maybe she does still love him, so I wish she would just stop being so fickle. Good thing she has Adrian to remind her of this fact. I would definitely like to see these two together as roommates. Adrian's cray cray but she's open and honest about it.

So what did you guys think of the premiere of The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Were you happy to see Ashley back? Do you feel like the episode did a good job of bringing everyone up to speed? Don't forget to check out our favorite Secret Life quotes from this week and weigh in on your favorite comments! 


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This episode was slow-going for me, but I like the show, the actors and the message that it brings. I do not like Ashley's character. Never have and probably never will. I thought the story line where Amy 'just wanted the ring' was too unbelieveable. I don't like where that is going. Glad to see Adrian moving on and hope that she continues to move on away from Ricky. I think the show will start moving faster after the first episode. I truly want to see Ricky and Amy marry and in a loving relationship....because it can happen with work!


Does anyone else think that Amy (actress' name escapes me) acting is up several levels since the George Clooney movie?? They need to send all of them to George and then maybe the acting would not be so comical to watch. But then again I watch it every week and wonder what is wrong with me!!!!


Take a breath people; yes this teen soap is a trainwreck but it can be a fun trainwreck (enjoy your pot while watching you will, it is not here to be a life guide for your children just a tv guilty pleasure once a week after school, come on !
As for the characters i am glad to see the Amy/Ricky duo again, despite their 'adult life too fast too fast..i mean pregnancy, marriage at 17/18..young, young, still it happened before but nowadays it seems old school..)just because the actors work well together..and it is quite an accomplishment with dialogue like say the least..


Apparently, I was too wordy and got cut off. To finish my thought... which is completely unrealistic. Raising a child -- especially as a teen parent -- is the most difficult job there is and should be avoided at all costs. This is possibly the worst show on television. The acting is poor and the writing is awful.


I totally agree on all counts! I am not even sure why I watch this show at all, except for curiosity as I have a 16 year old daughter and she also watches this show. (And, last night my shows were all repeats.) I realize most of the teens at our local high school are having sex, but none of them are co-habitating and getting married. And, a huge number of them are smoking pot so it is about time that Secret Life included this storyline. Ashley is totally annoying and unlikeable and I hope she does go off to college early and stays off the show. Yes, the ring is a symbol of Ricky's commitment and they are absolutely too young to be planning a wedding. They are also too young to be living together in an apartment of their own. One complaint I have about this show is that it does not accurately depict how completely difficult it is to raise a child -- especially as teen parents. John barely has any impact on their lives and is seemingly docile and well-behaved which is completely unrealistic. I hope teens watching this show are wise enough to realize that being a teen parent is possibly the most difficult job there is and should be avoided at all costs. I still think this is quite possibly the worst show on television... poor acting and really awful writing.


While watching the episode, I felt that the beginning got off to a very rough start. Amy was very redundant, and it almost seemed that she got cold feet as soon as she got the ring. If she only wanted the "promise" the ring symbolized then she should have said so upfront. Don't just beg Ricky to marry her and say "Oh, let's wait. I just wanted the ring." Second, I can't stand Ashley. Some may say that her character may balance out the rest of the show, but she's a serious Debbie Downer. What's the deal with all the friction coming from her anyway? Hopefully, she's going back to FL for school soon and stays there. As for Dylan, I was in her corner until she and her friends pressured Ben into smoking the joint in his room, in his fathers house. Of all places. Some balls they've got! From the looks of the previews for next weeks episode, she is going to help Ben get into some SERIOUS trouble. She's gotta go.


Really, all this show does is promote teen pregnancy and shows young girls that if you get pregnant you can keep the father and get married while still in high school. The other part is it is alright to sleep with everyone if they are your boyfriend even if it is only a couple of dates. I do watch the show but really no lessons or at least no good lessons here. Having sex is a choice but the way this show is doing it is all wrong. Amy and Ricky together with Jon is not reality. Reality would be Amy and Jon living at home with a absente father because that is what happens when teenagers get pregnant in the real world.


I would only come back to watching this show full time when the bring back adrian and ricky together..they were my only reason for watching the show!


Ha! Missed this show - it's flippin' hilarious. I just hope girls get the lesson that yes, you too can change that jerk bad boy into your dream guy as long as you trap them first. Oh, and haven't finished the episode yet but I foresee a long diatriabe concerning the evils of pot...will someone fall prey to Reefer Madness? Must get back to it...


How many times do I have to say this? Ashley MAKES this show more real. People talk about how contrite it is, and I have to say, Ashley's sarcasm balances it out. I think that the whole line about her running around the country with some strange squint type they must have drafted from Bones was just not something most people could relate to. But the most interesting scene was watching her and her sister argue, and Ashley still saying just what she thinks. Go Ashely! I think Ashley is the ony one who can calk like that to Amy and that it's refreshing, it forces Amy to look at her illusions (even if Ashley sometimes is off base or exaggerated).
ASHELY IS THE BEST, I want to see her involved with Adrian and the others more.

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