The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 106

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Do chains and whips excite Rebekah?

Oh yes, according to many of the responses to this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest. Rihanna was channeled early and often among readers, but not by the eventual winner: Tania.

Check out her winning entry below and don't be discouraged if you didn't come out on top. There's always next week, TV Fanatics! We run a new competition every Friday afternoon.

Damon in Chains

Damon: I think you misunderstood the 'ball and chain' metaphor.


Rebekah: Do NOT call me Barbie Klaus!!! Like I said before I want to take everything in Caroline's life. So from now on call me Blondie."
Damon(sing):One way or another I'm gona' kill ya.
I'm gonna killya killya killya.
One day, maybe next week
I'm gonna killya, I'm gonna killya,I'll KILLYA
Rebakah: Slash! Not what I meant! Slash!! Shall we continue or lesson? SLASH!!


Rebekah: I’m sure Stefan will come for you, Damon. Hang in there! Oh wait - you already do...


Rebekah: So, Damon, have you ever been vampire bitch slapped…?


Damon: Don’t mind me…I’m just hanging around here a bit.


Damon: So you're lonely and desperate huh? Go get yourself a girlfriend.
Rebekah: But you're my play thing. I won't even let my brother touch you.


Damon: This is not what I have in mind when you invite me over to celebrate Easter.


Damon: Rebekah... I'm flying. I'm flying Rebek...
Rebekah: No, no you're not...


Damon: is this your way of getting me alone???
Rebeccah: no... This will send the invite for the big party that will happen later..


Damon: I put my hands up in the air sometimes saying ah oh, please don't kill me


Rebekah: And from now on you will do the chicken dance every time someone says the word “vampire�.

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