The Vampire Diaries Casting for Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert

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The Vampire Diaries is about to make like The Little Mermaid. Why will this CW smash take viewers under the sea? In order to relive the event that changed Elena and Jeremy's lives forever.

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According to the latest E! Spoiler Chat, producers are casting for actors to come on board as Grayson and Miranda Gilbert - Elena's adopted parents, who raised her as their own after John Gilbert took girlfriend Isobel to his brother's for delivery assistance - and there's a twist:

The guest stars will be required to take scuba lessons, which likely means we'll be taken back to the car accident off the bridge that took Grayson and Miranda's lives and which, unbeknownst to Elena at the time, represented the first contact between Stefan and his future love.

The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode on March 15, an installment that will flash a lot further back into the lives of these beloved characters. Are you ready to travel to 1912?

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Now it seems very interesting that we'll be learning about Elena's adopted parents,how they raised her untill their death,and how it all led up to Elena falling in love with Stefan. If this episode that comes to tell the story like the Little Mermaid,then the show will turn out much more interesting,even though things haven't gotten so well throughout the season. I can't wait to hear some more interesting spoilers for the show. =) =|


Didn't they already have actors in the roles? We've seen their pictures before...


@Stine: The ring only works if you are killed by the hand of someone or something supernatural. If you make the car defaulty or do something to the bridge, than the water drowned them.


I really don't think that it was a supernatural dead, because I am pretty sure that Elenas dad was wearing the ring, that protects against supernatural people. So if it was a vampire or something else that tried to kill him, it would not have worked...
Just saying...


@ KlarolineDelenaForever: I read that the team of the series is currently shooting the twentieth episode "Do Not Go Gentle," and since both players of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert have not yet been cast to it is very likely that this flashback is present at the season finale. :)


Till now TVD has a successful flashbacks history and the writers have succeded to give us good reasons behind every single flashback so I've no reason to be doubtful about this one even that I have no idea why are they revealing this story now, plus to see the circumstances of Elena's parents death and her first meeting with Stefan that she didn't remember is something I'd love to see and I must say that I'd be super happy to see Damon as part of this story as long as he has nothing to do with the accident. ;-)


OMG i cant wait for this soo much!!!!
I definatally think that the night of the accident will have more too it than we think, I agree with other people that there was a supernatural being trying to kill them, or more specifically elena. Has anyone realised that elena has never said WHY they crashed? I think that maybe Elenas parents saw a figure stood in the road (a supernatural), so they swerved quickly and went off the bridge into the river, but maybe elena didn't see the person because she was texting in the backseat or something? I wonder which episode this flashback will be in, season finale maybe? I think it may have something to do with the serial killer! So excited!! :D


Finally something about Elena!!!!


@Heather Long: exactly what i think. From the second where stefan told elena that he rescued her that day, i thought there had to be more to it. Why did the car drove off the bridge? And stefan was there by coincidence to rescue katherines doppelganger? really? for a while i thought maybe it was damon on the hunt who drove the car off the bridge and that that would be revealed whenever damon and elena got together. of course it would end the relationship and pave the way for another stelena. but then: grayson had jeremys ring - did not he; so according to alarics accident, that was caused by a hybrid - he should not have died in car accident caused by a vampire or other supernatural being. whatever, after some time there is a storyline i am interested in.



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