The Vampire Diaries Casting for Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert

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The Vampire Diaries is about to make like The Little Mermaid. Why will this CW smash take viewers under the sea? In order to relive the event that changed Elena and Jeremy's lives forever.

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According to the latest E! Spoiler Chat, producers are casting for actors to come on board as Grayson and Miranda Gilbert - Elena's adopted parents, who raised her as their own after John Gilbert took girlfriend Isobel to his brother's for delivery assistance - and there's a twist:

The guest stars will be required to take scuba lessons, which likely means we'll be taken back to the car accident off the bridge that took Grayson and Miranda's lives and which, unbeknownst to Elena at the time, represented the first contact between Stefan and his future love.

The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode on March 15, an installment that will flash a lot further back into the lives of these beloved characters. Are you ready to travel to 1912?

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About time we got some back story on Elena and her life before vampires.


I'm glad to see that Elena is finally getting (hopefully) an episode about her. We've seen Stefan and we're about to see Damon, but what about Elena? What about seeing the event that helped turn her into who she is today? Yes, it is a little bit late in coming, but at least it is coming. I think that Nina is a VERY talented actress, and I'm excited to see her rock her scenes.


For those who read the books: Could the flashback be triggered by Elena going over Wickery Bridge and, while dying (or just before being saved, as the TVD gods will probably play it), she remembers the previous dive?


I thinks its a good idea showing about the accident.

Uncle jackass

What's with the constant bashing with the flashbacks. There are far worst shows on television that poorly direct flashbacks. At least TVD does a decent job about it. It's also called 'Retcon' [Retrospective Continuity] for reasons of giving or re-writing a story to give better continuity for a show. In the books we have the plot of 'The Guardian's' who intentionally wanted to kill Elena so she could become one of them, but the intervention of Stefan's actions caused their dead sea scroll timeline to go off a tangent. So whether a flashback for continuity, character development for Stefan, or Elena, or even the current storyline, have some faith.


@Tam:Nina is a very good actress,and its not that she plays katherine better or somethings,its just how the character "Elena" is written that's so annoying,this has nothing to do with the actress.I agree with some of the comments below,i think its a little too late for this flashback,it's not connected to any of the storyline except may be linked to stefan's humanity like somebone mentioned and i don't think their death should have any impact on stefan's humanity.


I'm sorry but you people are ridiculous!!! there is clearly a significance to showing the accident or they wouldn't show it. It will have something to do with the originals (which they couldn't show until now clearly, stefans humanity ( which they couldn't show until now), or something else that is relevant in this season. And as for Elena not caring about her parents, for 1 it's been a year and so much more has happened, it's best to move on in those situations, you think she does not think about her parents everyday? or that she doesn't visit their grave, just bc the show doesn't show it doesn't mean it's not going on in the back story. And Nina is a great actress, so maybe you should go find a new show to watch instead of saying negative things about it, why do you watch then??? SERIOUSLY!!!!!!


@ Borednow why do you talk about elena in this post when she is irrelevent its a flashback scene so nobody will expect character development you retard
Now go watch your buffy/Angel dvds to masterbate to @Tam Elena isn't a actress retard


I don't think we can assume the flasback will be irrelevant to s3 SL or would have been better in s1. I think it will be more than just the crash scene shown and that the episode will give new insights into elena's connections to the original family and or the doppelgänger bond. We know from Bonnie's mum that mikael came after Elena when she was a toddler. Maybe others did too and the graysons were clued in to their daughter's status and wanted to protect her from it? The secret closet of vampire weapons at the Lakehurst could have additional significance. I also agree that the crash was likely caused by a supernatural, but I'm thinking maybe the original witch, or someone working for her. I've also thought in the past that it would be a great twist if Elena had been aware of vampires growing up, or had previously met Damon, Kat or even another random vamp, but had been compelled to forget all knowledge of vamps as part of some master plan or effort to protect her.


Either it will be a flashback scene or it will be a totally epic scene which goes like this: it's night and the camera moves on the surface of the lake under the bridge and then something starts moving and it's from inside the lake and then water-explosions start to happen and then elena's parents can be seen walking out of the lake and then season 3 ends on a high note introducing us to the new villains! also i think that the white oak tree is in mystic falls!they said that they want to explore why so menay supernatural things occur to this town particullary and the tree that can kill the originals is a great beggining to this arc also it can perfectly match the fact that elena's parents are back since both the roots of this tree and elena's parents were lying beneath mystic fall's ground! ohhh anyone else think that elena's parents (if indeed come back) are the malakah spirits? sorry for my horrible english!

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