The Vampire Diaries Spoilers, Official Synopsis: "Break on Through"

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Warning: The following description reveals key plot points from the March 22 episode of The Vampire Diaries, "Break on Through."

A Secret from Stefan

With two weeks to go until TVD returns with a new episode, taking us back 100 years in the process, The CW has released the official synopsis for the 17th installment of the season. What role will a bridge play? How does Sage come back into the picture? Read on for a few teases...

A century after their first encounter, Damon and Sage meet again at the ceremony to kick-off the restoration of Wickery Bridge. Damon is surprised to learn the reason Sage has returned, and pleased when she devises an unusual method to help him figure out what Rebekah is up to. Abby is having a hard time adjusting to her new reality, despite Bonnie and Caroline’s efforts to help.

When Damon informs Elena of Stefan’s latest struggles, she reaches out to Stefan to help her save a friend in danger, in hopes that it will help bring Stefan even closer to his humanity. Finally, when Damon discovers a new secret weapon, he lets Stefan in on the news.

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What are you people talking about, I absolutely love Stefan and Elena together!!! History always trumps a little fling. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Alaric and Jeremy. Can't believe its almost the finale (sigh) :(


They've asked loads of questions in season 1+ half of season 2 but then the questions fizzled out! More questions needed to make it more interesting! But luckily it seems like they have got that going again! Yay! Don't really care about Stelena or Damena but the Stelena was cute for a while but then it turned boring and the same with Damena! I really hope they don't find that tree that they are looking for cause that would mean that klaus couldn't be killed. Nooooooooooo! I hate klaus when he was trying to kill the main characters! Love the Idea of sage though


Screw Damon Elena and Stefan, I'm more looking forward to the romance between Caroline and klaus
They r soooo cute I don't want it to be over!!


Stelena is really getting on my nerves. I get it! Elena still feels for Stefan, but if I want a boring good-girl good-boy type of relationship I would be spending my time obsessing over Twilight. I want a good-girl bad-boy relationship. A.K.A Delena. Please stop testing the waters with them and jump in already! Okay. Done. :/


eww stelena eww! tired of them! ugly relationship!
I don't like Elena anymore she hurts Damon all the time it sucks! Damon needs to move on, and Sage seems great.. i think, otherwise i like Rebekah she is awesome.

David and sabrina 2014

This new information for the 17th episode is making me curious. Since this episode is coming up in 2 more weeks,this news can be a solution to get things back straight in the show. I'm sooooo excited to find out what'll happen with the remaining 7 episodes of the season. =) ;)


My poor stefan,he's struggling to get his humanity back,how i wish lexi is around to help,but i hope this time around caroline will help him pull through just like he did to her.


I'm officially done. More boring azz stelena angst. They started to get delena hott and immediately turn the stove off. Its obvious they want us to wait for them, I wont play their game. Sorry, to much goin on and way to much competition. Besides, the recent episodes around the triangle are beyond boring. Stelena or the wait for Delena will kill the show. Peace


Well, the Stelena boredom fest is about to begin. hop on. UGH.
They better make Damon so spectacularly awesome and bitter to make up for such a sad sad turn of events.


As much as I love bad boy Damon - I just wish we could have had more of a reaction from Elena -- he kissed her and yet all she had to say was "I kissed Damon?" I do not care for the Stelena angst all over again. Cassidy's character looks intriguing and as much as I love Rebekah and Damon as individuals i think their one night stand was slightly random. Obviously my OTP is Delena, I guess I have to wait another agonising two weeks to see what happens. While they sort that out, I wonder if there will be Klefan or Staroline friendship? I miss them. And I am stoked to see Tyler returning and the Forwood/Klaroline triangle - which is my main obsession. Also, Alaric cannot die - my prediction is Meredith is the killer..

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