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The Walking Dead Season Finale Scores Killer Ratings

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Bloody deaths, a zombie-related secret revealed and the debut of an iconic graphic novel character resulted in record ratings for The Walking Dead last night, as the season two finale garnered nine million total viewers for the AMC thriller.

The episode also sets new network marks for viewers in the 18-34-year old demographic (3.2 million), 18-49-year old demographic (6 million) and 25-54-year old demographic (5.3 million).

Not long after the finale concluded, AMC announced a major piece of season three casting scoop, while also releasing the following cast-based preview. Watch it now and start the countdown already to 2013...

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Season 1 was excellent. Season 2 was terrible due to weak writing. Waiting for Carl to recover and the search for the girl (name?) was a bore. The plot slowed to a standstill for a long stretch. I'm not the sort that demands non-stop zombies either. It's just that the characters were so poorly written that I couldn't really care about them, even though I want to like this show. Many have complained that Lori is unlikeable. I don't think that's the problem. Unlikeable characters can be very interesting. The problem with Lori isn't that she's unlikeable, it's that the character isn't credible. Sarah Wayne Callies is a fine actress, it's just that Lori is not a believable character. The show is rife with cardboard cutouts.


ohhh....can we know what time or date can we watch the next season???i'm a fanatic of this amazing movie...pls reply asap!!!i so excited to knew to this!!!


we need more epeisodes please


I hope they don`t stop on season 2. Is one of better tv shows, and I love it.
PJ dude if like it DON`T WATCH! And keep stupid commands for you self! Thanks!


They should end now on season 3 don't make the mistake of making to many seasons then people gone lose interested better do a few more episodes like 16 or something for this season but end it now and keep it has on the best series from the last time.


Walking dead is the best tv show i have watched for a long time, in fact it is the best my fav was game of thrones but no way not after season 2 final. Can i borrow doc's dalorian so i can travel to the future to watch season 3 now.


I like that everyone has the virus, that's something new and I can't wait to see what happened.


Got to adimt, i'm a bit suprised by the viewership as the cats been let out of the bag, and the most important part of any survival story has been removed - I mean HOPE.
The virus is in everyone,and as soon as you die, you are a zombie. Umm...wrong, wrong, wrong! I'm a big fan of max brooks (Zomie survival guide) and the ministry of zombies
none of them mention an airborne virus.
I realize this is just TV converting a comicbook to television drama, but, why would a fantastic show like the walking dead remove the hope so soon?
Hope of salvation, survival, safety, all go out the window once you know that the minute something bad happens, thats it, you are a shambling flesh eating monster? There are spoilers out on the web, but lack of hope is the worst spoiler ever.
I'm waiting for october like everyone else, but, I think everyone I like.. ( They shouldn't have got rid of Dale, he was the moral compass for the whole group), they are all, at some point, going to die, and come back as ravening canbalistic horrors.


Season 1 was a great start.....season 2 was awesome, great finale.cant wait to see what happens.!! Hope that this will be the longest running show ever!!


when i saw the prison at the end i started jiggling around cuz i wanted to see the rest but i can wait till august when season 4 comes out