When Will Tyler Lockwood Return to The Vampire Diaries?

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Phew. It turns out Candice Accola is not a liar.

At PaleyFest, the gorgeous Vampire Diaries star told us that Tyler would soon return and make his presence felt in whatever the heck is going on between Caroline and Klaus. Now, thanks to E! News, we know when that return will take place.

Tyler & Caroline

Tyler will re-appear in Mystic Falls on the 19th episode of The Vampire Diaries season, "Heart of Darkness," scheduled for April 19.

Moreover, there's this tease for all Forwood fans: E! also reports that the hybrid will enjoy a "big sexy scene between him and Caroline" during that installment. Shhh... no one tell Klaus.

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Thing. I won't even get started on all the ways in which it makes no sense. Doesn't anyone think it's totally out of character for both Caroline and Klaus? I just don't get, maybe I just don't want to. What's worse though is how little concern/screen time has been given to Tyler this season. He's been MIA for almost the entire second half of the season and NO ONE has even mentioned his name! Lets face it, he'd be lucky to get 5 minutes of total screen time in the remaining episodes. When Tyler was first turned into a hybrid I thought it was a neat way of bringing him into the fold but instead they used to isolate him from everyone and as a convinient way to get him out of town. As far as storylines go, tyler has a lot to deal with- turning into a hybrid, losing his mortality, his girlfriend, and his free will, the endless pain involved in trying to break the sire bond- but he never gets the chance to react to any of it. We don't get to see any of the emotional impact. It seems unfair that they'll ( the writers) will take the time to address how hard transitioning into a vampire is for bonnie's mother but all Tyler gets is a few reprimands and dirty looks from Caroline. I'm so very disappointed with Forwood this season; they had such potential. So crushed in fact, I'm not even going to get excited about their "steamy reunion"- Caroline will probably yell out klaus' name or something equally as treacherous

Sarah silva

So we get 2 more new episodes then another 3 week hiatus then there are only 3 new episodes after than but 4 weeks between April 19 and May 10 (finale) so there will be another repeat in there some where.


Why does he need to come back? The show and Caroline are so much better without him.


I watched the first two seasons of the vampire diaries sort of intermittently- catch a few episodes here, miss a few there, but what really hooked me towards the end of season two was Tyler and Caroline. I thought it was really endearing and kind of beautiful to watch their lives fall apart as they dealt with becoming supernatural beings and amidst all of that, find a true companion(soulmate??) in each other. They were a couple that most people thought belonged together, and when you consider how divided the tvd community is in terms of stelena vs. delena, it would have been nice and dare I say, refreshing, to leave their affections for each other unchallenged.
As one of the few but loyal Forwood fans, I was really surprised/upset about his whole klausoline


Team Forwood all day! Yes Klaus and Caroline have chemsitry but when did it become okay to fall for the guy that killed your boyfriend and sired him to do harmful things to all your friends including yourself.


Isn't he suppose to appear on episode 18,the writers said tyler will be gone for 5 episodes and he's gone since episode 12,episode 18 count as the 6th one.Anyway,i can't wait for Tyler to come back and i'm really looking forward to the big sexy scene between him and caroline.FORWOOD SIMPLY ROCKS!!!

Jose t

for some reason i prefer klaus to tyler....


tes he was gone but he coming bk lol mate


he was gone?

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