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Who Else Will Die on The Walking Dead?

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Brace yourselves, Walking Dead fans. Two MORE deaths are coming to the AMC thriller this Sunday.

According to TV Guide, the killings will be "very significant" and may even explain what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick on the season one finale. They will also lead into round two of Rick versus Shane, following an intense round one on "18 Miles Out."

So, who might be the next t go? Take your best guess now as you watch a new sneak peek at Sunday's "Better Angels."

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Carl needs to bite it in season 3. No matter how he's portrayed, he is just a whiney little sap. Perhaps Carl and his manly mother Lori could get sacked at the same time.


One of Zobies shown from the back appeared to have been headshot. The survivors burried their close love ones and burned the rest. Zombies may reanimate after a headshot apparently and then they become part of the advancing horde including Shane, Dale, Sophia and all the other locals. I hope that barbed wire is connected to an electrical high votage source.


@picchi123 Wow, you hit it out of the park. Right on!


Im reading a lot about Shane dying....I sure hope he doesn't he's one of my favorite characters and I don't see the show without that Dale has died I hope its either Carl or Andrea who die next.


Sophia over at YouTube has always been leaking the next episode just a day after the latest episode airs. So far, I have read (and subsequently confirmed by actually watching the next episode) her leaks on Sophia in the barn (Pretty Much Dead Already) and the shootout episode (Triggerfinger). And I have read the spoilers for this episode (Better Angels) and yeah, I'm pretty sure she's spot on again... Farewell, ***** & *******.


Pretty simple stuff to figure out. Although the TV series does indeed vary somewhat from the comic, the core elements usually find their way in. Shane is gone for sure; some idiot at AMC actually posted an advertisement last week regarding the Season 2 Blu-Ray set that said "including Shane's last episode." No mystery there. He died in Issue 6 of the comic. I could mention who shoots him, but I think most of you can figure that out. That much I know, but as for who else dies this week I can only speculate. So, I believe it will be Carol. She will commit suicide, quite possibly by feeding herself to a Walker. Jenner did indeed tell Rick that you do not have to be bitten to come back. EVERYONE comes back when they die, no matter how they die.


So I am really stoked. My guess about what Jenner whispered is that he told Rick Lori was preg. Because he did that blood test like some of the rumors say. However there is more to it ..... Maybe the unborn child could have a cure sincr the baby was not around when the whole thing started and lori's child must be born. There is allot more to it but I'm out of time. In regards to the two deaths and it is only a guess CARL he may have died for a very short time when he was shot and got infected, but all the drugs helped to delay the process, he is young that might have something to do with it, and he has been acting very strange lately. 2. T-Dog whilr on patrol at the house randells friends finf the house. Just a couple of guess's


He should've let the fat one so he could kill him again. If Rick let them go back with them then he would've probably peed all over the house and ate everyone!


If you noticed, when Tony and Dave came to the bar, Rick killed the skinny one with a headshot, then shot the fat one in the shoulder and stomach to kill him. BUT then he shot the fat one in the head even though he was already dead. Which means Rick knows that they could still come back no matter how they die. That's what Jenner whispered.


I bet one will be Shane and it'll be Carl's fault...