90210 Review: The Cost of Love

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Okay, I have a statement to make: Silver has officially gotten with every dude on 90210. There, now that we got that out of the way we can discuss this week's episode, "Bride and Prejudice."

Naomi was going full speed ahead with her wedding planning, completely unbothered by the fact that the PJ wanted the ceremony to be in just two weeks.

Wedding Dress Shopping

I don't recall if Annie told PJ that she would tell Naomi if he didn't, but I think that would have been a better plan. Hasn't anybody learned on these teen shows that lying just gets you into more trouble? Ultimately Annie did the right thing and squealed to Naomi.

Naomi at first seemed pretty unbothered by it all. Rich people are weird with their money and thus do weird things. It's nothing Naomi hasn't experienced before being a product of money herself. There are always clauses and what not, but she believed PJ loved her.

Not to sound like a totally naive moron, but I actually believe PJ loved her, too. I'm not sure that Arlene - our regular 90210 critic - is in agreement, but this is just my thought. The question now is whether or not he loves Naomi enough to give up the money and just marry her later on. Only time will tell.

I felt really bad for my girl when she was crying alone in her car and Annie got in. Naomi basically has no family and has been abandoned and screwed over by a lot of people in life. It seems as if she's the only one of the girls who doesn't know if she can really believe in true love anymore.

I mean, we've got...

... Annie, who thinks she loves the priest after a few weeks.

... Adrianna, who flits from guy to guy.

... And Silver, who is in a naughty little love triangle of her own. Speaking of, here's my theory on all of that: Whatever. Silver and Navid weren't together when she and Liam bumped uglies, but Liam is still her best friend's ex boyfriend, as well as her ex boyfriend's best friend. It's not so much that she got with someone else, as it's about who that someone else was. 

So the theory is that Liam knocked up Silver and with all that's come up with the cancer gene, she might consider keeping the baby? Then where does that leave her and Navid? Poor Navid, he just got back and things are already crappy for him.

What did you all think of this week's episode? Was it a welcome return after the underwhelming "Blue Ivy?" Check out our 90210 quotes and hit the comments! 


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you're say girls beautiful dress until fine picture! :)


GIVE US WHAT WE WANT 90210 WRITERS! MAX + NAOMI - he was so good for her, and you built up that whole story only to rubbish it away! Bring him back! Silver needs to be by herself. Go to frigging film school and stop getting with all the friends, bleurgh it's actually a little nasty. Silver is the best character after Naomi and Liam (they have humor down put) and look what they're doing to her. I no she's vulnerable but really? Ivy: SNORE Caleb: SNORE Dixon (I miss you're smile and blatant clueless...ness) Navid: I'm just glad he sorted his hair out and didn't go Dan Humphrey on us. Liam is too hot. Too funny and too suited to ANNIE. NOT that random priest guy. For the love of GOD (seriously) he needs to go. Adrianna, so cute, she paid her dues after the last season so its about time life started looking up or at least normal.


Silver, she slept with Navid knowing he was still with Adrianna, claiming she loved him. Fast forward and now she's sleeping with Liam, her best friend's ex and her ex-boyfriends best friend, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?!


i think liam and silver are really hot


Liam develops feelings for a girl in minute, somebody should tell him the difference between sexual arousal and love.


Plotlines like this are reason I voted to have the CW cancel this show. All the actors involved deserve better shows than this one.


but if they wanted to sell liam and silver the should have built it up over at least 6 eps before anything happened it came out of nowhere


yes silver has been with all the guys but she's not a whore and like rana i love liam and silver. her and naomi are the only reason i watch 90210 have been since season 1


@Leigh - I loved that you opened your review with that Silver comment. It's honestly all I can think about now every time I see her. And to think, she used to be my favorite character. 90210 has been dreadfully boring lately. PJ and Caleb are majorly adding to the snoozefest. I'm still waiting for something awesome to happen.


i love liam and silver together :D the only boring character is ivy :S silver/liam/navid love triangle is what kept me from sleeping during the episode !

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