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With only five weeks left for American Idol, the competition is heating up for the remaining seven contestants.

Last night, they performed songs from "now" and "then." Now, the judges' save has been used, so, as Steven said in the intro, "there are no more safety nets."

Ordinarily two contestants would go home in the week after a save, but I think because of Jermaine Jones' premature departure, we're only losing one contestant tonight.

American Idol Top 7

Let's see what Jimmy had to say about last night's performances and find out who'll be leaving.

Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh are up first. Jimmy says Hollie came out of her shell last night, but he doesn't think "Son of a Preacher Man" will keep her out of the bottom three. If Joshua's going to be in the finale, all he has to do is stay consistent. Truth points, Jimmy. Hollie was better last night than she's been this entire time, but probably not good enough. Joshua, with every current song he's able to sing, grows on me because those songs help make him relevant.

Joshua is the first to be declared safe. Hollie is the first to head to the bottom three.

Season 8 winner Kris Allen is in the house performing his new single "The Vision of Love." It sounds exactly like what you'd expect a Kris Allen song to sound like. I think Colton Dixon is what would happen if Kris Allen and Adam Lambert had a baby.

Skylar Laine and Elise Testone take center stage with Ryan next. Jimmy thinks Elise fell flat with "Let's Get In On." Jimmy thinks she's headed to the bottom three. Jimmy calls Skylar "the little engine that could" and says she's the best performer in the competition. Elise isn't connecting with the audience and I'm not sure if it's because she won't let herself connect or if she's at a disadvantage because she's constantly compared to girls 12 to 13 years her junior. Either way, it's hurting her. Skylar, on the other hand, just keeps moving up. She's got the spunk and personality that Jessica and Hollie lack and she's relatable in a way the others aren't. That's working to her advantage.

Skylar's safe. Elise is in the bottom three.

LMFAO are here to perform "Sorry For Party Rockin'." If I didn't know better, I'd think they were a joke. Except I know they're a serious musical act which makes them silly and entertaining somehow. These guys are crazy! The thing about an act like this is that if THEY can make it in music, any of our remaining contestants can, too.

Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, and Jessica Sanchez hit the floor. Jimmy says he had a light go off last night--Jessica's singing songs that are too old for her. No, you don't say! He also said Phillip and Colton were on opposite ends last night with Phillip coming out the winner. While Phillip seemed like he could've written the Usher song himself, Jimmy hated everything about Colton's "Bad Romance" and had nothing to say about his rendition of "September." I think Colton did better last night than Jimmy gave him credit for, but no, "Bad Romance" wasn't his best. I think Phillip will be in the finale at this point.

Jessica's safe. So is Phillip. Colton's in the bottom three.

Elise is sent back to the couches which means either Hollie or Colton will be going home. After a commercial break, and after Kieran dims the lights, Ryan announces that Colton Dixon is going home. I didn't see this coming. Not this week. I think America got this one wrong.

For someone who never intended to audition, Colton Dixon had a great ride.

What do you think? Did the right contestant go home tonight? Who do you think should've gone home?


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Dam America what were u thnkin votin Colton out his 10 tyms betta thn Hollie. I thnk Colton shudve stayd nd Hollie or evn Elise shudve been out......


Nothing has changed in this competition in my mind anyway, in that there are two contestants who are head & shoulders above the rest with their vocal talent & dynamism, namely Joshua & Jessica...the J's have it.


Miranda... yup I can't even imagine how tired you must be! But you still keep all the words coming! And, I'm so glad to see all the traffic following your blogs! Lots of passion here! @Rush nailed it when they said all these kids will do something in music, so order of elimination doesn't seem to mean as much as some seasons. I contend this is one of the best top 10s eva! I say my ears are less offended than usual. Time will tell where this season of Idol will end up... let's all try to enjoy the ride.


Although it's not one of my favorite EW & F songs to begin with, as soon as he was done, I said to my wife he's done - ridiculous rendition - I just don't get why he thinks he can just change a good song for the sake of changing it and believe it will be better - I think it's called overthinking the situation - this is a singing competition - not who can come up with the most different arrangement

Miranda wicker

@Steve T--Elise isn't in the poll because I created the poll after she'd been declared safe. I could also claim "sleep deprivation" from having a two-week old, but the first reason is the best reason. Basically, I just didn't think about it. As for why they cry when the announcement is made each week, I'd imagine it's a little bit of "Wow. My friend is leaving" and "Wow. I'm not leaving." Both would be tear-inducing, you know? One out of sadness and one out of relief. I'm still kind of shocked Colton went home. :/


I heard Holly comment on tape after the show that she was being dissed by someone immediately after the show. Who was it? And what was said? She indicated that it was a women. Anyone have the backstage info?????


I stand by my earlier comments.
How can someone who is in the bottom three week after week (Elise and Hollie) NOT go home? Seriously.......think about it. I would LOVE to see some actual documentation concerning the votes on this show. I don't believe they can produce any because it's not based on the votes.......that's obvious. Not to turn this into some religious or political debate but I think the producers wanted Colton gone because he refused to remain quiet about being Christian.


Hollie is my pick to win she is so so so good....see ya colton see ya Jessica bye phillip go Hollie go!!!!


The only reason he was still on, is because he is good looking. I am for Skylar all the way!


Based on last nights performance, i'm not surprised, You could barely understand a word he said in bad romance. The opening line set the tone for the whole performance

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