Body of Proof Review: Hunting John Q Plague

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After last week's Body of Proof episode saw Kate pass out after her accidental needle stick, "Going Viral Part II" opened with her out cold at the press conference.

I'd guess the general public isn't going to feel overly confident about the city's chances of containing the outbreak when the spokesperson hits the pavement on live TV.

With the CDC spouting that this virus kills in 72 hours, how come Kate was the only one to realize that Travino's been alive for four days? Even dying, Kate's still better at her job than most.

Dean Norris on Body of Proof

But I was surprised that no one talked about Kate keeping that needle stick a secret. For someone who runs the department, breaking that kind of protocol seemed like a big deal.

I was wondering why patient zero was still and spreading the disease if it only lasted 72 hours. The answer? Interferon. Apparently it's a drug that boosts the immune system. Travino was taking it for his Hepatitis C and John Q. Plague was taking it to stay alive long enough to spread this killer bug to as many people as possible.

My question: why not prescribe it to all of the victims? It's not a cure but it could keep them alive longer? I wished they had discussed that option. There may be a reason why it's a bad idea but it seemed like a plot point worth pursuing.

Peter's investigation of Dani's last days was tragic because there was so much he didn't know about her. Even when he spoke to her mother he didn't know what to say about his own relationship to the girl because he didn't know what she had told her mother about them. 

Finally, Peter found the piece to the puzzle he'd been missing. Dani had taken the bus to work all week because her car was in the shop and that's how she had contracted the virus. Gee, wouldn't it have been nice to have a boyfriend who worked at the same place who could have given her a ride? Oh, nevermind.

Charlie finally figured out that the uber virus was Marburg. In a Body of Proof quote he described it as the following:

You've heard of ebola. Meet his nastier bastard cousin. | permalink

Well, that didn't sound good at all. 

And speaking of Charlie I really enjoyed Luke Perry's character more this week than last. Perhaps it just took some time to get to know him but by the end of the show I found myself hoping that he'd be back.

I did find it amusing that bed bugs were the final key to finding Jacob, our John Q. Plague. I didn't want to think about how many motels in the greater Philadelphia area probably have bed bugs. The fact that they were able to track down the one they needed in mere seconds was a bit of a stretch but that's TV.

I thought that the highlight of the entire episode was Curtis' visit with Kate in quarantine. 

Kate: I never thought I would die alone.
Curtis: What the hell am I, chopped liver? | permalink

The big guy was all heart and Kate looked like she needed a giant bear hug. Too bad she couldn't have gotten one through the glass.

The last scene of Megan and Lacy curled up on the sofa joking about Megan saving the city and boyfriend Aiden's phone calls was sweet. Lacy was looking at her mom like she was a bit of a superhero. In this case she'd worked with a whole team of them. 

Did you think this two-parter packed enough punch?  And don't forget to tune in for next week's season finale of Body of Proof.


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I liked the show, but I couldn't get past that fact they identified a drug that could slow the disease down, but didn't give it to the people. It made the hurry to find the killer and suspense of what would happen to Kate and everyone seem false and fabricated, since as far as the audience knew they could all have more time if they just got some Interferon. The show as a whole I really like. This was the first episode that disappointed.


I agree, this episode is one of their best yet. While it looks like it is still headed for cancellation, I like to see how well it is doing right now.
The story line did have some loopholes I was not fond of either (see below), but overall, it kept me watching, so for that they get a high rating from me.
• Kate never mentioning how she contracted it - if they didn't know, why wasn't everyone back in full gear in the morgue area?
• BoP had a five part online short story going on with the reporter that interviewed Peter; I kind of would have liked to see more from the online only shorts come back around in the story line on the show than what they had. If her camera man (her boyfriend) died from it, and it one of the shorts they had kissed, why didn't it show her catching it as well? Apparently, others were catching it from less contact than that (i.e. wife and child in with Kate whose husband/father already had died)


I love this show. I love the quirks between Curtis and Henry.


Just a quick comment on Peter not giving Danni a lift in to work when she didn't have her car...she wasn't working...he said she had been off for a few days that's whyno one knew her movements for the time line...
But a very good episode even if there were a few holes in the medical plotline


Your right, the highlight was definatly curtis showing up, that one scene had me in tears. I love curtis and it is awesome when we get to see past the butthead he usually is to the awesome guy underneath. I liked luke perrys character better this week, he wasnt so much of a jacka$$ like last week. Is it just me our did the freeze frame of the perp creep the crap outta you too?


i really really loved the CDC guy, it is a pitty that in order for him to be back there has to be another outbreak. i want him to be back though

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