Californication Spinoff: Coming to Showtime?

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The sixth season of Californication will take Hank to Broadway. Might it also take a few steps toward spinning off this long-running hit?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming season of David Duchovny's dark comedy will introduce viewers to Faith, described by Showtime as a groupie in her 20s who is an example of “what happens when an innocent young Catholic school girl is exposed to the evils of rock and roll and falls heads over heels in love with the music and the men who make it."

Californication Finale Scene

Look for Faith - a religious young woman who has been on the road with musical acts for years - to appear on nine Californication episodes and to then receive her own series if all goes according to plan.

Californication is coming off another successful year, averaging 2.8 million viewers per week, a 12 percent increase over season four.

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If anyone on the show's getting a spinoff it should be Lew Ashby!


What you guys may not understand about him geinttg paid handsomely is:Dexter is THE main reason, or at least the best reason, people still subscribe to Showtime, and Showtime knows it. I don't think a lot of people are still subscribing to premium movie channels for just movies atleast 1 year removed from the theatres , like showtime/hbo are without all the original programming.Dexter is THE flagship product that helps build and sell the showtime brand, like Sopranos did for HBO, like Howard Stern on xm radio.Sure by themselves their shows aren't going to afford the big time contracts to their actors, but the whole company needs those cornerstone programming to build around.M C Hall is in the unique position of knowing his face, and his near one-man show is selling the subscription to a lot of people.Besides, Dexter makes a ton of money on dvds/rentals, streaming and being shown on cbs, when cbs has a string of bad ratings, the pull this out. & Dexter is on in how many countries?Dexter's great, but competing with HBO is hard, being they simply the best programming bar none, & HBO makes a ton of money overseas. While showtime seems teetering on survival comparatively.I can name 8+ current/new series on hbo honestly worth paying for, and say it's amongst the best there is on tv. I can name 1 for showtime, how about you? (& I can name 1 on AMC easily better than dexter.)


I hope upcoming season of Californication will not make people disappoint as finale episode of Californication season 5 was not meet expectations.

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