Californication Season 6: Broadway Bound!

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One episode remains on season five of Californication, as Hank Moody will find out this Sunday that "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be."

But TV Line has already broken a bit of news regarding season six of the Showtime hit and, prepare yourselves, viewers: it's about to make like Smash.

Becca, Hank

Look for Hank's novel gets turned into a Broadway musical, Michael Ausiello teases, which will mean two new Californication characters will be featured:

  1. Atticus Fetch, an aging rocker who will write the songs for the production.
  2. Faith, his girlfriend/muse. 

Let the casting suggestions pour in!


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Tim Minchin will play Atticus Finch and he will be FAB!! Can't wait to see who will play Faith (:


Extreme happy for Californication season 6, but it should have proper story and perfect ending than previous one.


thanks for the idea for actors though,thanks!

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