Castle Season 5 to Bring Back the Fun, Creator Says

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This season of Castle has been heavier than past seasons, to say the least, with lingering secrets, unresolved feelings and numerous characters in turmoil of various kinds. But the dark clouds may soon lift.

Creator Andrew Marlowe says fans can expect much of the air to be cleared in Season 5 next fall.

“I think it’s going to be interesting to see the Beckett/Castle relationship next season when we have the cards on the table, and when they’ve had fundamental confrontations and each knows how the other one feels,” he tells EW.

"I think that’s something that gives us a lot of really intense, fun storytelling."

Jennifer Beals on Castle

Marlowe recognizes that this season has seen a little less fun that than previous seasons, but views it as cyclical.

“Our goal has always been to be true to these characters as we arc them through this strange, wonderful, interesting, intense relationship that they’ve been going through from the moment they met,” he says.

“We didn’t have a chance to mine it as much as we wanted to because of where the characters were emotionally. We’re hoping to return to it a little.”

Castle is off this evening before returning with a new installment April 16.

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After reading this particular posting, it has muted my initial anger last night from the "bait-and-switch" ABC pulled on me last night. See, by having the channel on for the first few minutes, the powers that be get to play a game of "See, we drew XX number of viewers on Monday night" when the truth is, many of my friends did exactly what I did -- TURNED THAT @*&# OFF! I liked "Scandal"...when I saw it on Thursday. This proves one thing: It's not Marlowe & Co. who don't respect the fans of the show; it's the network!


This just made my day so much better! I feel like a weight has been lifted! I cant wait to see the happy side of Castle and Beckett, i miss it so much! And hopefully see some mire Lanie, Espo and Ryan!


As far as Castle and Beckett are together I am all ON for Castle .. Be it 10th season .. LOL.


To joyeful Here in the states ABC reran the premiere of Scandal. I don't think they were happy with the way it performed last Thursday so they wanted to give it a chance to gain more of an audience before the 2nd episode this Thursday. Personally, I would have gladly watched Kill Shot or The Mistress Always Spanks Twice. Consider yourself lucky.


Too late!


Scratch my previous comment - only we Canadians (like Mr Fillion and Ms Katic) get to see Castle tonight LOL. Our network still played it.


@David - agreed. The scheduled rerun tonight was Kill Shot from this season, but instead they replayed "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice"...that's season TWO!! I think they're trying to remind us of how fun the show can be.


yeah probably the howls of outrage from the fans triggered this press release. So, they know how each other feels but does that actually mean any movement on the Caskett front? I doubt it. they are going to string that out for as long as possible IMO
I'm absolutely about more fun and definitely approve of being naughty (Stana's recent comments)
So we'll see :)
Now if someone can have a AD (accidental discharge) and shoot the Captain in the head keeping the Captain in a permanent coma I'll be happy. (note disclaimer meaning the character, not the actual person)
All that being said these actors have done a great job in difficult circumstances. More fun will be refreshing.


Thank goodness. That news made my day. May even make all of this crazy angst worth it. I just wish I could fast forward to the season finale to see what happens.


Thank you...really, that's all I needed to know.

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