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No one's exactly "What They Seem" on this hour of Fairly Legal. Whatever impressions I may have walked away with from last week's episode were twisted in a way I hadn't expected.

Starting with Lauren. When she tried to explain to Justin that she accidentally transferred $23,000 of a client's money into a Reed & Reed fund and didn't return it for 72 hours, I'll admit that sounded fishy. 

Lauren's always been the straightest of the bunch. It was hard to believe she could have stolen that money, even for only three days but desperation can make normally honest people act in unthinkable ways. Now that Teddy's gone, Reed & Reed means everything to Lauren. She was obviously desperate to keep the firm going.

I liked that Kate not only jumped in to help but also called Lauren on the truth. It's been great to see these two women get closer this season.

Kate's behavior felt a little bit reckless throughout the episode. She was so hell bent on making sure that Ben knew they were nothing alike that she actually jumped across the desk at him.  That seemed a little over the top.

Kate & Ben Hear a Case

Ben's need to win gave him tunnel vision, much like the cop in question.  It allowed him to block out the consequences of his actions and say he didn't care who got hurt in the process.  That's the part of Ben that drives Kate crazy. 

Kate's idea of a win was finding the truth and bringing it to light. Ben's was winning for his client and collecting a paycheck. As long as those two points of view remain the same they will always clash.

But Kate's seduction tactic to prove her point was one of my favorite scenes of the night, but it was Leo standing in the background dressed like a clown that made it work.

When Justin stumbled over asking Kate if she was seeing Ben and then possibly asking her out I thought it was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen. He wanted her back. But then Kate spotted him with a gorgeous woman on his arm.

He really did nothing wrong. They are divorced and Kate shot him down so he's got every right to try and move on but the pain on Kate's face was crushing. And I had to wonder if there was a little voice in the back of Kate's head asking if she was the one he cheated on her with.

I knew exactly where things were going with Ben the moment she invited him inside. It was most definitely a bad idea. A bandaid on a bullet wound as they say and Ben would seem to be the easy choice. In a Fairly Legal quote, even he admitted…

 I don't care. It's my gift. | permalink

Kate expected Ben to happily allow her to use him for a night to help her forget her pain and to be honest, I thought he'd jump at the chance. But apparently Kate's words from earlier in the day about him being empty inside struck a chord.  He wasn't willing to be her plaything for a night. There might be hope for Ben yet.

Every major character on Fairly Legal seemed to be experiencing some type of emotional tailspin by the end of this episode. Where do you think they'll finally land?


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I still think this show is lacking something..........perhaps in the supporting characters.........


I too liked Kate's standing up for Lauren, but I was disappointed that the Queen of Mediation could only get her way by threatening the client. The guy had a legitimate (or at least an understandable) beef that had nothing to do with Lauren's legal/ethical lapse. What happened to win-win? I also liked Ben's speech near the end where he argued that he's not empty, he's filled with passion. That is, he's driven by the passion to win, where (unstated) winning is measured in dollars. The fact that he doesn't care who gets hurt proves only that he went to law school. I suppose.


What's with the over-the-top (as in spilling over the top) sex we've been getting in the past few episodes? I think Sarah Shahi is gorgeous and Virginia Williams is attractive as well ... but why is Sarah spending half of her time striking sexy poses and Virginia wearing skintight gowns that she's almost popping out of. Is this a spring thing, or is USA taking a desperate shot at boosting ratings. On top of the desperate shot that Ben represents. I think.


Loved this episode!!!
favorite scenes in this order
1. Justin at a lost for words!!! was absolutely adorably cute!
2. Kate seducing Ben in the office with Leo behind her.
3. Kate jumping at the chance to help Lauren. Like you said I love the evolution of this friendship!
4. Leo and his one liners from movies :)
5. Kate calling Lauren on her use of the money. They are partners and Lauren needs to be honest with Kate about problems in the firm.

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