Game of Thrones Episode Promo: "The Ghost of Harrenhal"

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Game of Thrones introduced viewers to the true meaning of Melisandre's night terrors this week, as it looks like the feud between Stannis and Renly will be settled in an unorthodox manner.

And that point is driven home by the official HBO description of next Sunday's "The Ghost of Harrenhal," which states that the "Baratheon rivalry ends" and the reactions to it will be very different for Catelyn and Littlefinger.

Watch the network teaser for what's to come now:

Also on tap:

  • Tyrion will learn about a mysterious secret weapon.
  • Theon will sail to the Stony Shore and continue to prove his mettle to his father.
  • Arya will receive an intriguing promise from Jaqen H'ghar.
  • The Night's Watch will regroup at an ancient fortress beyond The Wall.

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SSuzuki I think the main purpose of adnidg the "soft core porn scene" (other than for gratuitous nudity) was to provide the viewers who have not read the book the reasoning behind Littlefinger s betrayal of the Starks/Ned. As mentioned in the review, he looks like an untrustworthy weasel. However, until that point he had been portrayed as basically a little brother to Catelyn who possibly has more feelings for her and he was the most helpful person to the Starks in Kings Landing. It would be weird if he suddenly betrayed them for no apparent reason.The author can easily write the characters thoughts in the book and it s much easier to insert background stories and flashbacks when necessary. It seems harder to convey the characters thoughts on screen. Thus, the soft core scene was necessary to convey Littlefinger s motives.

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