Game of Thrones: Garden of Bones - A Novel Approach

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Would anyone have had so much disrespect for Catelyn Stark to send Littlefinger to her baring Eddard Stark's bones? Not in George R. R. Martin's written series, "A Song of Ice and Fire," they wouldn't. That's just one of the differences encountered this week.

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GoT Novel Approach

Sansa got off lightly
We witnessed some pretty wicked field surgery while her brother, Robb, was at war, completely at the whim of the screenwriters, as they highly lightened the sentence Sansa suffered at the hands of her "love" Joffrey. Not only was she more severely beaten in the novel, she was also smashed over the head with a melon in an attempt by her man to humiliate her rather than hurt her, thus saving her from Joffrey's wrath.

Tyrion did save the say, and cared for a severely wounded Sansa in the Tower of the Hand, again showing her the utmost care and compassion.

Given Tyrion's love of whores, he would have never submitted the two to Joffrey at that particular time. It was a wonderful way to extend just a bit more hatred for the boy king, as if we hadn't already had our fill. I found it an interesting choice to go lightly on Sansa and save the pain for the fallen ladies. Was that done to give the audience a break? Perhaps a belief that Martin wrought too much upon the Stark girls and another way to show Joffrey's tyranny was in order.

The Garden of Bones
The phrase was never used in the books. Interesting, no? While the idea was made clear, Qarth (am I the only one who thinks this word must be added to the Word With Friends dictionary?) only allowed those to enter from whom they could pluck their very life, it was never uttered.

As Dany's story continued to change, she was denied entrance to Qarth upon arrival. How would the city have become the Garden of Bones if they had played at such games? Part of the ease of creating said bones was their false hospitality, given without a fight. Dany didn't have to fight to get her people inside as the gate was opened willingly and anxiously upon her arrival. But the television Daenerys has had to fight even to be fooled.

Not my Tyrion
As I said earlier, my Tyrion would never disrespect Catelyn Stark so much as to send the creepy Littlefinger, a louse of a man with an incurable crush on Catelyn, to impart Eddard's bones to her. Tyrion did ensure Ned's bones made their way to Catelyn, but not by Littlefinger's hand. It rather disgusts me that this route was chosen. It didn't bear well for the character of Tyrion, and it did nothing to endear us to Baelish. What was the point?

That was a letdown
For all the build up of the meeting between Stannis and Renly, it was barely a blip on the screen. I found that a bit disappointing as the confrontation in the book had a lot more to offer other. For example, it was then that Catelyn first learned of the possibility that Cersei's children were born by incest, and that Lysa's claim Jon Arrryn was killed at her hand might be true. What is to come would be more harrowing had their conversation lasted just a bit longer.

Hit the comments to tell me what inconsistencies you found. What did you think about Arya and Gendry? Did I get anything wrong? Will anything that changed tonight impact what's ahead? Thanks for reading!


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Crush your enemies. See them dervin before you. And hear the lamentation of their women. I completely agree with you, Roth, 100% about Jon Snow. I think he's very much a leader and I think that's exactly why The Old Bear requested him as his stewart, just like Samwell points out. I'm curious on both your takes on the Littlefinger blabbing his plans while Ros and her sidekick did their soft core thing scene, because for me it really felt out of character. I know this is probably because of the way I built the character up while reading the book moreso than how he was written there or here in the show, but for a brilliant political tactician such as he it just didn't work for me. Especially when he's telling it all to two people in a profession that he's previously stated in show is made up of huge gossips. It's been the only added/not in book thing I haven't liked, and I kept going back to thinking "Why would he do that?" the entire episode. Anyhow, just curious if I'm the only person puzzled by the inclusion of that.


he meant to do when he set out to write these books was to show what war (and life) was really like in meaievdl times the tropes of high fantasy are really turned on their head in the series. We never saw the fallout from war in Tolkien's books, or just about any fantasy series I can think of. But with A Song of Ice and Fire, I really appreciate that we have gotten to see it. Yeah, the Lannisters won the war, but what did they win? I think it's worth exploring, despite how depressing it may be.Is it misery porn? Well, it's not as bleak as Cormac McCarthy's The Road, which is pretty much full blown misery porn (but it has a point, too). It is, I think, thematically consistent with what's come before. And there are bright points in the story the end of Sam's journey, Jaime's continued development as a man seeking redemption, Sansa's continued schooling in the game of thrones. Brienne's arc is the bleakest, Cersei's, as well, but I honestly think Cersei deserves what happens to her.I'll withhold judgement on the way the series is going until I finish Dance with Dragons and get the entire story that was originally intended for Feast for Crows.Thanks for writing!


While they never say it, Renly is I guess at Storm's End, rather than off more inland, and so his death and the castellan's death have been combined, which I didn't mind, but I was disappointed as well with the Renly/Stannis meeting. When Renly met with Littlefinger Renly grabbed a piece of fruit and I thought "is that a peach"? No, just an apple.


with Ayra & Gendry in Harranhal seems all wrong....I did't think it was revealed, other than to Gendry, that Ayra was a girl? I"ve only read the series once and that was last fall, so I have to read them again!!


Joseph - I definitely agree with you about having to include Dontos, or else why introduce him at all? I guess I'm just confused with why they haven't expanded his role yet. I'm assuming due to time/budget constraints, and that he will show up within the next couple of episodes. Depending on what happens, maybe they'll wait til next season to start the meetings in the godswood? Would that compromise anything for this season?


I enjoyed the episode and found the plot edits to be suitable but I would have liked more visuals of storms end. I mean why is there a cave at the base of a cliff with metal bars in it. Where does it go? I thought Renly was staying in a tent, not a castle (storms end). I was also dissapointed by the recasting of Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane. The character has been recast from the first season and does not seem all that intimidating now.


Gavin, I think Mel's birth scene was right on the money... I remember that she birthed the shadow in the tunnel after Davos took her in through a secret entrance... and Like Mike G, I was glad they finally added some context to Davos/Stannis and his fingers.


TNT: I think they have to include Dontos or else replace him with someone else, otherwise how will Sansa know when and how to leave the city when Littlefinger saves Sansa? It makes more sense to keep Dontos in that role, otherwise why have the Joffrey/Sansa/Dontos scene.


Shouldn't Dontos and Sansa be meeting in the godswood by now? I haven't seen hide or hair of the former knight since the first episode. Maybe they're taking a different approach with thia?


Gavin, I think we're ok for a spoiler or two here, because this is intended for an analysis for those of us who have read the books. And you're right. We didn't know about Mel before the birth, and to be honest, until I saw it ahead of time I didn't even put it together. I seriously thought when reading that Stannis was the one who "did it" and just lied. LOL Shows how smart I am!!