Game of Thrones Season Premiere Ratings: HUGE!

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A staggering number of viewers tuned in to play the Game of Thrones on Sunday night.

The second season premiere of this HBO drama garnered 3.9 million households, an incredible 74 percent increase over the series premiere and a 59 percent increase over the season one average.

Angry Robb Stark

Including replays, 6.3 million people watched the opener on Sunday night, all but guaranteeing a season three renewal. Such news may come as early as today.

Comparing Game of Thrones to a couple other cable offerings this week: the season two premiere The Killing earned 1.8 million viewers, while the latest episode of Mad Men drew in 2.9 million.

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I got a subscription to HBO just to watch Game of Thrones! This is great news


Mace: Clueless.
Everyone who has a clue about the network vs. premium-cable dynamics: Cluefull. Chuck premiere viewers: X million.
Chuck total viewers: X million. Game of Thrones season 1 average premiere viewers: 2.5 million.
Game of Thrones season 1 average total subscription based viewers: 9.6 million. In the game of posts you win ...or you don't have a clue what you're talking about.


Wow Mace let me introduce you to the concept of cable versus a network lol. Nothing is as simple as the number even in terms of other networks like Fox, Abc or Cbs.


Chuck needs to deliver an audiance that can be sold to advertisers to be successful, Game of Thrones needs to drive subscriptions, sales to international channels, and DVD sales since HBO owns the show while NBC doesn't own Chuck so doesn't make money from its secondary markets.


Mace is right. If you just assume HBO is $10/month then that translates to ya know... $39 million dollars or so. If over 10 episodes (about 3 months) GoT's can keep up that number, the show runner can take a lot of credit for making HBO over $100 million dollars. Chuck can't make the same claim.


Well, it is on HBO, which requires a subscription...

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