Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "Despicable B"

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The CW has released a series of photos from next Monday's Gossip Girl episode, "Despicable B," in which Blair feels like her UES status might be slipping away and devises a plan to assure that doesn’t happen.

Meanwhile, Lily throws a family gathering in an attempt to prove the van der Woodsen family is as united as ever, and Nate digs into Diana’s past through seductive means and is surprised by what he discovers.

Just four more episodes remain in the series' fifth season. How will it all end? Follow the link to read our Gossip Girl review from last night's "Salon of the Dead," then click to enlarge the images below:

A Dair Picture
The Lovely Lola
It Girl of All It Girls
Blair Cornelia Waldorf Photo
Serena, Lily Pic
Lily V
Feeling Green
A Serena and Lily Pic
Serena and William Pic

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Blair wants her status back? it's impossible she is beyond pathetic and the writers said she grew up my ass they turned her into a slut.I am embarrassed for her


In my country there is an old wisdom: Each stone weighs in its place. The ancients say it with reason. And one more thing. If someone tells me that he never dreamed of true passion, it means that he or she has no idea what love is.I'm not a teenager and I have experience with pure and simple love,and with passionate and difficult. I can confidently say that the easy love is wonderful , but boring and there comes a point where you realize that is not from what you need. With my husband we have a difficult type of love, but there is no day in which I can say that I was bored and I wanted something else. Because every day we find something new in the other and I've never been happier and satisfied.


@Zolan ...seriously don´t wanna be mean but look up the word "connection" and "interests".... they have a strong bond due to the fact that they have been through a lot of shit but thats not the same as a connection..but whatever....

Still love chuck

I'm not expecting too much from this eppy for Dair; even though it is named "Despicable B," it will be Chuckcentric, like last night's show. I don't see or feel any connection between Dair, other than intellectually. Everything else is mechanical or forced; I don't like it. I am glad Chuck is strong enough to handle his Diana issues; even though I'm not sure I'm going to like seeing Nate & Diana together again. Gross.


Totally agree with chairfan. That is why Dan and Blair are so boring. They are like siblings. Which is funny because Serena and Dan are the ones who actually have a half brother together weird!


@chairfan completely agree with you..they dont look comfortable with each other..and everyone has there own opinions so I have mine..she looked more inlove with chuck than dan. Just like some do not see the connection between chuck and blair I sure do not see the real connection with dan and blair outside there like for literature..


I am not a fan of Chuck and Blair, but I will answer to you. So here, platonic thing that connects the Chuck and Blair is that they always come back to each other. Here's another, when the most difficult any of the two of them still rely on each other. When Chuck's father died he looked for comfort only in Blair. When Blair was unable to fit in the State University of New York, Chuck is transferred her to Columbia University. I think this is enough. By the way, if you do not know, I'm a big fan of Serena and Dan!


okay i want to give the chair lovers who claim that Chuck is blairs soulmate a very easy task... name ONE thing that they have a real connection over.... one of those platonic things where it just clicks.............
they have nothing, over being rich, upper-eastsiders with family issues, and ultimately having bonded exactly, because of said issues... but lets face it,...this description fits 3/4 of the characters on GG...
God beware people of emotionally healthy relationships, where both parties have similar passions and interests...
on the other hand I can only imagine what kind of relationships people have, who don´t think having a deep, mutual connection is an important factor in a well-functioning relationship...


Pure and simple brother-sister love with drunken sex thrown in...yup now THATS what I want as a couple... :S Just add pj's, talk of literature and 10 inches of bed space between the two and they make a perfecty passionate sibling couple.


Now that i dont care about endgame bullshit.Just wanna enjoy dair happiness this season.They'r more than adorable and fun to watch.Pure and Simple love,of course. Team Dair.

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