Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Salon of the Dead"

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We've already posted one promo and sneak peek. Now the producers of Gossip Girl, led by show-runner Josh Safran, are revealing more about next Monday's episode in their weekly video preview.

According to the snippets below ...

  • Dan and Blair struggle to maintain their own identities within the confines of a blossoming romance, and try to come into their own when an exclusive club event emerges as an ideal public debut.
  • Lola thinks she has a theory about who Gossip Girl really is - not too surprising considering the timing with which Serena sabotaged her - and sets out to expose her, with Nate helping her out.
  • Rufus and Lily are in real trouble.

Check out the preview of "Salon of the Dead" and comment below:

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Dair not tv's greatest couple lets be honest. No chemistry and just a bit like watching paint dry they are totally bringing down this show! Even the other storylines can't saved it.
Ratings for the last episode dropped to under a million - Safron wake up and realise what you've done to this show before its too late


@Chiara, it's true that the breakfast scene is boring, but just because it shows the lack of Dair's chemistry. I would have liked it if it showed and represented true love, but, since in my opinion it doesn't, I just can't watch it.
Just a stupid thing: I'm Italian too! Ahahahahahah


@Zoran, I totally agree with you! (as usual, lately!)
This "relationship" came out from illusions. Dan is in love with a Blair that actually isn't herself. (where is the girl I loved who said this quote: "The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey... is mourning Dan Humphrey."?!?) And Blair has feelings for Dan just because he's the safest choice at the moment. I can accept the two of them as friends. In fact, I actually liked their new bond in season 4, but when they decided to take it to the next level, in a totally rushed up and inconsistent way, I really can't take it seriously. The funny thing is that when I told my friends, who love GG but can't see it anymore for technical reasons, that Blair and Dan are together, they freaked out and said: "what the hell?!? Why?!?". Lol


@zoran, wake up girl, blair in episode 17, she said, i told chuck he doesn't have my heart anymore, i realized it's belonged to someone else (Dan)


So cute to see how much the producers love Dair! And they did great with this pairing. These two really have chemistry. It amuses me how people argue that they don't.


Dan and Blair are not lovers, they are friends with benefits. Again, I repeat that Dan is in love with an illusion. He described the Blair kind words in his book and tries to present a virtual girlfriend that it is Blair. As already said Eleanor from season 2, Blair likes to imagination and desires to unfulfilled goals as well as her father. Blair said that Vanessa is Dan with boobs, this also can be applied now on Blair. Blair's Dan with boobs! The fact that Dan and Blair like the same things does not mean that they are tried together. That would mean that all men who like to watch football and drink beer are gay. All you have forgot that Blair driven away Dans only sister - Jenny. I can not understand how can a Dan to be with the person who driven away his sister. It is therefore my opinion that Dan and Blair joined the force by producers. Cutest couple in love on TV are and will be - Serena and Dan!


Chuck and Blair are so cute, trying to convince us that they can live without each other.
I know from own experiences that you simply cannot be happy without the love of your life.


The relationship is not forced at all !! But I totally agree with the wrong timing ! They should have skipped the Louis thing to make the transition to Blair from Chuck (bad boy) to Dan (nice boy).
They are totally compatible, if they hated each other at the beginning, it was because of superficial reasons (u middle class, Im UES) , or stereotypes they had considering each other. They had more interactions and got to know each other, that despite her bitchy attitude, Blair has sweet heart and is lonly looking for happiness, happiness Dan can provide her. The complicity, intellectual matching, and mutual interests arose naturally between. They're both attractive, seriously what is missin for not being attracted ?!
And I really love the banter between them, especially the W internship part which was hilarious. And they were 2 stylish hotties!
Sorry for the chair fans who have invested their time in shipping them, but Dan and Blair as endgame make more sense than any other couples. The history argument does not compete with the finally found happiness and serenity.


Why do you think Dan gave Blair tiara?This is just a curiosity how the writers went wrong in characterization there?