Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Biggest Surprise of the Year"

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In their weekly preview, the producers of Gossip Girl give us a glimpse at the coming week's episode, "Raiders of the Lost Art," and tease what they are calling the biggest surprise of the season.

Executive Producer Joshua Safran, who is reportedly leaving the show to run Smash at the end of the season, is joined by his fellow writers in mapping out the third-to-last episode of Season 5.

Here's a sneak preview with clips from the installment, plus their commentary:

As we know, Chuck, Blair, Nate, Serena and Serena-Lite are teaming up to find Jack and uncover Diana's secret. This apparently results in some great comedic exchanges, and leaves Dan out in the cold.

It also gives way to the mother of all shockers as "Raiders of the Lost Art" concludes.

Says the episode's writer, Jake Coburn, "If you're a fan, you need to see the end of the episode, because it's going to forever change the landscape of the show, and you're going to want to see it for yourself."

Adds Safran, "Spoiler alert, this is probably the biggest surprise of the year."

What do you think it is?! Hit the comments below and tell us ...

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enquirer808 um what? That made absolutely no sense, sorry.


If Bart is alive, Dan better watch his back because i think he will do everything to help Chuck get Blaire back.


Im not saying there is not a big spoiler but one thing I have learned this season is that the writers Like to Hype things Up! So Im not going to hold my breath on this one, well just see......


Again stop with the wild generalisations! Not all fans want to see the characters in the same relationships over and over! And not everyone thinks the show is ruined because they're not getting all their own way!


I agree with you. And more to add. If they already asking viewers to watch the series, then they do it in the wrong way. They should have to record what viewers want to watch - Serena and Dan together and Chuck and Blair together! Thus, as series were ruined, so is the audience. Lying and begging viewers to watch what they do not want to watch, will not help.


hahahaha that's some serious grovelling. sorry, not watching until i know Dan is not stinking up my screen.


I wish I cared more about what is going to happen to these characters. When they still HAD characters, I did. Sighhhh. Frankly who Blair ends up with doesn't matter either, but it would be nice if in the final short season TPTB give us back our feisty, loyal, vulnerable, scheming, brilliant Blair, the kinder, non-malicious, working to be better, sluttier Serena we all know and miss, Chuck sans stupid plotlines but with some Blair screen time and the naughty, slightly sleazy charm of old.


If Bart is alive then why the heck is he hanging out in some brothel in NYC. Wouldn't he be on some small island where the Natives believe he is their king? Um yeah...maybe he didn't die but was seriously hurt and they have him hooked up to all kinds of machines, maybe he is just a head in a jar like on that show Futurama...LOL. I mean, if you are going to go there you might as well go all out.


again...Blair will get wrapped up in a lie that comes from the Basses. I heard that before ....


You know I understand the weird secret which Jack, Bart and Diana may be all part of it. But Grandpa Vanderbilt should ideally be on it too. I mean. She said she came to new York and stayed to be close to chuck but she actually stayed on to help Nate at the request of his grandfather.
Or have the Safran co forgotten that?!

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