Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Biggest Surprise of the Year"

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In their weekly preview, the producers of Gossip Girl give us a glimpse at the coming week's episode, "Raiders of the Lost Art," and tease what they are calling the biggest surprise of the season.

Executive Producer Joshua Safran, who is reportedly leaving the show to run Smash at the end of the season, is joined by his fellow writers in mapping out the third-to-last episode of Season 5.

Here's a sneak preview with clips from the installment, plus their commentary:

As we know, Chuck, Blair, Nate, Serena and Serena-Lite are teaming up to find Jack and uncover Diana's secret. This apparently results in some great comedic exchanges, and leaves Dan out in the cold.

It also gives way to the mother of all shockers as "Raiders of the Lost Art" concludes.

Says the episode's writer, Jake Coburn, "If you're a fan, you need to see the end of the episode, because it's going to forever change the landscape of the show, and you're going to want to see it for yourself."

Adds Safran, "Spoiler alert, this is probably the biggest surprise of the year."

What do you think it is?! Hit the comments below and tell us ...

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Blair hasn't had any dreams about Humphrey has she? And as much as I hate Jenny ... We need her back , I know her coming back in season four was kinda shit well the first time we saw her at least it was but we really need her back... God knows what she can do , maybe mess everyone's lives once and for all. She has become a villain of the show, and she has done more damage to them than anyone else.I don't think I need to make a list just watch the last 4 seasons :) but yeah .. She really needs to be back . And I'd Bart is alive I find it stupid that he is -.- what's next? Chuck's dog isn't really a dog it's a monkey like the one in the book? Or that Blair actually got into Yale or nothing really happen between Jenny and chuck? Stiff .. I reckon chuck and Nate should end up ring brothers haha lol


A few weeks ago pics of Bart Bass were going around... big surprise really, Bart Bass is really alive and Payne is the only one who knows he is alive. If my guess is correct than GG fans should start buying some bon-bons and playing cards with the girls cause this storyline reminds me of my mother’s day time soaps. Keeping my fingers cross that I am wrong.


I know what it is, Blair sees herself in the mirror and gasps at what a weak loser she has become. What happened to the Queen Bee?


@mjj My thoughts too


You cant exactly blame the producers for saying what they say in this episode. The ratings have dropped so dramatically they literally are begging for viewers.
This epic spoiler? Please, if it shocks Safran we know what we should expect. CRAP.
Its probably Blair walking in on Serena doing something Gossip Girl related.


Jack Bass is comforting Elizabeth Fisher in that photograph. But what if they are not lovers but siblings? Elizabeth Fisher is Chuck's mom for real, but she is also a Bass herself (get it Fisher = Bass)? Jack is a womanizer but he was always decent around Elizabeth. Elizabeth didn't want to be a mom for the reasons she already said, so gave the baby to responsible brother Bart. So who is Chuck's real Dad? Remember Diana says something to Nate's grandfather about revealing his secret? What if Elizabeth had an affair with the van der Bilt patriarch. So Chuck is Nate's uncle. Ha ha. Diana is clearly related to Chuck because of the blood transfusion. She can't be on the paternal side because her affair with Nate would be incest. So she's probably an aunt -- notice Jack treats her decently and she is super hot.


I said a mo th ago or more. Bart bass is not dead and he's not chucks father. Jack bass is chucks father. Bart raised chuck be ause jack wasn't fit to raise a child. Bart faked his death because lily chose Rufus. Since lily and Rufus split Bart will be back.


@ zebedeediesel
Sorry! Good for him! From the hen moved to poultry! Well done Rufus!


@ zebedeediesel
Good for him! From the hen moved to poultry! Rufus Bravo!


Rufus is Kissing Ivy

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