Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Biggest Surprise of the Year"

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In their weekly preview, the producers of Gossip Girl give us a glimpse at the coming week's episode, "Raiders of the Lost Art," and tease what they are calling the biggest surprise of the season.

Executive Producer Joshua Safran, who is reportedly leaving the show to run Smash at the end of the season, is joined by his fellow writers in mapping out the third-to-last episode of Season 5.

Here's a sneak preview with clips from the installment, plus their commentary:

As we know, Chuck, Blair, Nate, Serena and Serena-Lite are teaming up to find Jack and uncover Diana's secret. This apparently results in some great comedic exchanges, and leaves Dan out in the cold.

It also gives way to the mother of all shockers as "Raiders of the Lost Art" concludes.

Says the episode's writer, Jake Coburn, "If you're a fan, you need to see the end of the episode, because it's going to forever change the landscape of the show, and you're going to want to see it for yourself."

Adds Safran, "Spoiler alert, this is probably the biggest surprise of the year."

What do you think it is?! Hit the comments below and tell us ...

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I would say that Bart is still alive and that jack and Diana have been keeping him hostage somewhere for some reason because jack always wants to make chucks life hell


So true! They always advertise a big surprise and it always turns out into a big letdown.


Wonder what did Blair see in that room?
I hope it was Chuck and Serena kissing... I'd really like it if Chuck finds happiness with another girl, better it be Serena as Blair now is with Dan, plus Chuck + Serena is the only combination that hasn't been exploited yet on GG.
(of course, in season 6 finale Chuck and Blair will be together cause they belong together. But just for now, I want Blair to pine after Chuck for a while).
On the other hand, what Blair might have seen in the room could be William van der Bilt and probably Bart/ Jack (or Diana/ Elizabeth) saying out loud who is the real Chuck's dad.
And I don't know why but I suspect that Nate's grandpa has something to do with Chuck's mother/father issue.


I think that dan's caracter will go from show... he will left us


They have been pretty disappointing on their shockers so I think fans will not be looking forward to another underwhelming shocker. I think preety much everything has been done on this show unless someone comes back from the dead, may be Bart Bass

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Dorota: If you say so. But Vanya say same thing about Warcraft and then DSL bill comes.

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