Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Despicable B"

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Get ready for the return of the vintage Season One Blair Waldorf Monday.

That's what Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran and his writing colleagues are promising, at least, in Monday's episode, "Despicable B." In his weekly preview segment, Safran teases a "very fun story" in which something is written about Blair in a magazine and she goes to great lengths to prove the publication wrong.

Elsewhere, Lily sets out to change the family reputation because a money fight is the worst thing ever for their image, but may actually damage it more as a result ... not a big surprise there.

Chuck and Nate, meanwhile, grapple with the awkwardness of this week's big reveal. Now that both of them realize Nate's been sleeping with Chuck's mom, it's just uncomfortable all around.

Check out some "Despicable B" clips and their commentary below ...

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I feel like a bad shipper cause I was excited for Dair and now it's hear and it's not what I thought it would be. Apparently others are thinking the same thing. I almost miss Chair and Derena, oh jeez. With how bad this show is I doubt they could do any couple right. Gossip Girl should've daired to dare last year or earlier this year and gotten rid of Louis.


@Zoran You know what I dont get is usually this time of year we have more pics going around of the last episodes and rumors but I seem to hear nothing or find nothing??? Dan and Nate would be my choice for Serena but you know as well as I the writers have there own ideas already played out.


I really want Dair to happend and now that is here, is soooooo boring....bring back chair or cherena or serenate or sometthing watchable

Snow not so white

Oooo idiots >_<
Nothing and no one can repair the damage caused to this show!


Safran makes me want to throw something at him. Blair is ridiculous, BEYOND pathetic now.


Guys LOLA HAS A BROTHER NAMED DEVLIN RHODES but might be a Bass or a van der woodsen :/ it's getting really good I don't want to say too much but his ok his way :D


I think it could be Chuck as one of Serena's love interests and would be an interesting twist to the finale especially if Blair realises that although she loves Dan she only loves him
as a friend cos lets face it their passion as lovers does not exist, she will be ready to take that scary step to being with chuck only to realise she's too late.
I would love that...
Then next season she has to fight to get him back and they finally end up the happy couple us chair shippers know they can be especially as chuck is now becoming what she always wanted him to be ...
However I won't hold my breath, these writers love fuzz ball dan so we may endure more dull Dair storylines of sleepovers aww!!!


Sorry "producers", still not watching. You can never wash away Dan's stink. Blair is gone, vintage or mature or grown up or whatever the heck you decide her to be this week.


Blair is so pathetic,it's unbelievable!!!!


Do not mention it, you and I are still on the same page. You're right, but when the writers from season 3 knew how to write a good script, now would not even talk about it. The problem is the writers and their bad scenario. And I think that maybe it will not be Chuck. Nate is almost certain that it will be, because the writers have already begun to move away from him Charlotte. Open the way for Serena and Nate. But who is the other guy ... If not a regular guy, it's probably Jack. Of course, I would be very happy if it was Dan. Then it looked like as the end of season 3. But from these writers this can not be expected.

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