Gossip Girl Producers Preview "It Girl, Interrupted"

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We posted a large photo gallery for Monday's episode moments ago. Now in a new video, the producers of Gossip Girl, led by Joshua Safran, preview the coming week's installment of the show, "It Girl, Interrupted."

From the looks of the weekly clip montage and tease from the producers ...

  • As G.G., Serena looks to create a new It Girl (Lola) to deflect attention from herself.
  • Diana is back, and hopes to wrest control of the Spectator from Nate.
  • Chuck searches for his mom, again, and she is difficult to find, again.
  • Rufus proposes a deal with Ivy that Lily does not take kindly to.
  • There is a sexy lingerie party involved.

Check out the two-minute preview of the episode and comment below:

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I think I was not clear enough. Dan was not confused about Blair and Serena when he wrote the book. To describe his sex fantasy in the book about Blair, he had to describe his best sex experience. And his experience is the best sex with Serena. I think the friendship between Blair and Serena can not sustain love affair between Dan and Blair. But the Dan is for Serena love of her life. And if we are honest, Dan is the best guy of all with whom Serena was. I agree with you about the wedding, but it happened only because of the 100th episodes.


@ TinaTrina
We agree to disagree! It is true that Dan had sex with other girls. But it is also true that he had the best sex with Serena. Dan said that! Describing his sex fantasy with Blair in the book, it is expected that he described his best sex with Serena. His best sex experience.


I know you never referred to Blair as a whore. I was replying to someone else who clearly has no clue.
I still don't believe that Dan was confusing Blair and Serena in his book at all. I agree that Blair and Serena will find it tough with the Dan situation but if they were true friends they would get over it. Let's face it they've never been what I would consider best friends - too much rivalry and backstabbing. It maybe a good thing for them to 'break up'. Certainly would bring the real drama back and go back to the core characters and their relationships after all the drivel we've endured with Louis. I like all the key ships but I wish the whole royal wedding had never happened and that a proper triangle with Chuck, Dan and Blair had developed.


Zoran, Serena is not the only person Dan has slept with. And fantasizing about sex with Blair is fantasizing about sex with Blair. It has nothing to do with Serena. This is why I say you are writing your own story here.


If Dan and Blair are together, Serena and Blair can not be friends! I never called Blair a whore. I wrote several settings denying that Blair is a whore!


I never said that Serena in the Dan book Inside was the main theme. We all know what the theme of the book Inside is - the word says - the life of his friends, ex-girlfriend and their families on the UES. But all that is related to the description of the love affair between Dan and Blair in the book has to do with Serena. As we know, Dan is only now having an affair with Blair. The book was completed before the end of season four, when Vanessa stole it. All the fantasies of Dan associated with Blair, in fact, are his memories of Serena. His mentors repeatedly said that the he has to write what he knows. When he wrote the book the only true love for him was the one with Serena. I do not hide that I am a big fan of Serena and Dan. Blair knew that Serena has in love with Dan - so she stole her boyfriend. But you're right about this, because my thought is related to the demolition of friendship between Blair and Serena because of Dan. If Dan and Blair are together, Serena and Blair can not be friends! I never called Blair a whore. I wrote several settings denying that Blair is a whore!


@ TinaTrina
I write as I understand episodes that I watched, not how I wanted it to be. I never disputed that Dan is now in love with Blair. It is a fact. I disagree with that but it is a fact. However, you still do not speak the truth, ie. you write fantasy. Dan is in his book Inside incorrectly described Serena. Everything that is wrong in relation to Serena he wrote. And everything is well, Dan did not write for Serena, and he attributed to Blair. Dan fantasies about sex with Blair, he could only write his comparing sex with Serena. Dan told that his best sex was with Serena. And since he can only write what he knows - his fantasies about sex with Blair, in fact is the memory of sex with Serena.


Zoran, you keep writing your own plot to fit your Derena fantasy. Dan to Serena: I hate to break it to you but those things happened. And Serena didn't disagree. He didn't incorrectly write about her.


I never disputed that Serena was the initial inspiration for Inside but ultimately she was not the main focus of it as she herself admitted. All of your posts are coloured by your clear love for Derena which you are entitled to have but it makes you lack objectivity. I don't have a preference for any ship. I take the story as it comes however I dislike it when facts are twisted and misrepresented. Blair did not steal Dan. He fell in love with her and irrespective of whether Dair had happened it did not appear like Dan was going to be running back to Serena anytime soon. In addition those who say Dan needs a girl to write are incorrect as we know from the very start that Dan was a writer.
And to whoever else responded to me - I would never use language like whore etc. Grow up.


The only true what you said is that the Dan last book is called Monarch in Manhattan. It is not true that Dan did not need inspiration of girl with whom he is to write a book. The inspiration for the book Inside was Serena. To book Monarch in Manhattan an inspiration is Blair. For a reprint of the book Inside Dan had to write a different end, again Serena gave him the inspiration in episode 8x5. The only one in a series called the queen is Blair, but I think the two girls had the title - Blair and Serena. Serena is all that Blair wanted to be, and vice versa. So are these two best friends, of course, until Blair had stolen to Serena the love of her life!