Gossip Girl Producers Preview "It Girl, Interrupted"

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We posted a large photo gallery for Monday's episode moments ago. Now in a new video, the producers of Gossip Girl, led by Joshua Safran, preview the coming week's installment of the show, "It Girl, Interrupted."

From the looks of the weekly clip montage and tease from the producers ...

  • As G.G., Serena looks to create a new It Girl (Lola) to deflect attention from herself.
  • Diana is back, and hopes to wrest control of the Spectator from Nate.
  • Chuck searches for his mom, again, and she is difficult to find, again.
  • Rufus proposes a deal with Ivy that Lily does not take kindly to.
  • There is a sexy lingerie party involved.

Check out the two-minute preview of the episode and comment below:

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@ TinaTrina
Twisting my words. Dan was not with Blair when he wrote the book Inside, it was mostly with Serena. Dan admitted that Serena was the inspiration to write the book Inside. Blair is the star of the book Inside because Dan was angry at Serena for Nate and Ben. Evidence for this is that Dan incorrectly described Serena in the book. And that, in the book, feelings towards Serena Dan copied to Blair. Evidence for the latter is itself Blair reading the book Inside, in 16x5 episodes. At the reading of the dialogue is conducted between Serena and Blair about how Dan likes Blair. We all know that the conversation between the two of them never happened. But the conversation was about how Serena is in love with Dan. Unfortunately now, Dan and Serena are not together, this is only true as you said.


was funny to see how Dan took advantage of Blair to fulfill its fantasi to have sex with her as he wrote in his book Inside


Chuck deserves a good story


is boring Dan was inspired by Blair's whore to write a book
and Serena and deserves a good man


Serena deserves a better man than the boring Dan


Another snoozefest! Seriously writers, can't you think of any other way for all the characters to interact besids one more pointless party? This show is ridiculous (and not in a fun or good way), I think making Dan and Blair a couple is just one of the many problems this season. Can Serena get a real story? And be more important to the plot than the guest stars? How about addressing the fact that Blair has nothing going on but jumping from one relationship to the next.


I agree with Trina. Serena may have been the starting point for Dan to start writing a book about the UES but it doesn't revolve around her. Dan is not in love with Serena. He also doesn't need to be with Blair to be inspired as hes written enough stuff when not with her. The novel is called Monarch of Manhattan and remember it's meant to be a twist on what Manhattan would be like if it was a monarchy and there's only ever been one that's been called Queen!


Zoran, look who's talking about nonsense. You people are claiming that Dan is with Blair to write but he wasn't with Blair when he wrote Inside. That's a fact. And Serena herself confirmed that Blair is the star of the book. So why would he need to be with her to write a book when he can easily write one without being with her? Dan and Serena have ended their relationship obviously since they are not together. If they get together again then that's that but right now, they are not together and Dan is not in love with her. And once again, if you think Dan is some evil guy using Blair to write a book, it makes no sense that you would want him with Serena. None. As for what the book is about, we'll find out by the end of the season.


@ TinaTrina
It is not true, you're forgotten when the Dan began to write the book Inside. Dan began writing the book Inside 1x2 episode, when he went to Hampton to come to reconcile with Serena. He was admitted into 5x5 episode that Serna was inspired him to write the book Inside. When they talk by telephone about the film rights to the book. As for the other book it is called the Royalty of Manhattan, this is the one that Chuck was able to steal. This book is probably based on the events around Blair and her marriage to Prince. As for whether Serena and Dan are ended their relationship, we will see at the end of the series! And do not talk more nonsense when you know nothing!


So some Chuckistans members have reached the last stage of their twistedness in not aknowledging the bad in obvious evil morally corrupted facts, but detecting it in super weird poor over-interpretations. Wow. Twisted.