Gossip Girl Producers Preview "It Girl, Interrupted"

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We posted a large photo gallery for Monday's episode moments ago. Now in a new video, the producers of Gossip Girl, led by Joshua Safran, preview the coming week's installment of the show, "It Girl, Interrupted."

From the looks of the weekly clip montage and tease from the producers ...

  • As G.G., Serena looks to create a new It Girl (Lola) to deflect attention from herself.
  • Diana is back, and hopes to wrest control of the Spectator from Nate.
  • Chuck searches for his mom, again, and she is difficult to find, again.
  • Rufus proposes a deal with Ivy that Lily does not take kindly to.
  • There is a sexy lingerie party involved.

Check out the two-minute preview of the episode and comment below:

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    I think that Chuck deserves a woman as Belle of the movie the Beauty and The Beast. That helps himself turn it into a very human person and to be happy


    If Blair can be with Dan? Why Chuck cannot have a good woman?


    And here again you can see why Chuck and Blair are meant to be. They are always there for each other and they understand each other very well. I like the fact that Chuck turned to Blair for help, I think that it can be a nice fresh start for the couple!
    Anyway, apart from that, I have a good feeling about this episode, since I am really interested in Lola's storyline. I just hope I won't be let down!


    Is true love Dan and Blair in a barrel of whiskey and vodka! Good advertising for alhohol love!


    Never say never! It's not the end until it happens! As for the fantasy - and even you and I are in it. Both hunger at the same series, but rooting for different couples.


    What exists between Dan and Blair is Love, pure and simple. True love always wins every battle. I cheer for them. Dan and Blair are the most beautiful and striking characters of the show. Deserve to be together.


    Zoran, Dan is over Serena but keep living in your fantasy world.


    Dan and Blair have had bad sex because Dan did not get over Serena, and Blair did not get over Chuck. The proof of this - Dan and Blair had to be drunk to have good sex!


    Blair was not a prostitute! You people do not know what is the definition of a prostitute - a person who has sex with other person for money! Blair does not work that! Blair helps Chuck because their relationship has many levels. They will always be connected! Such as Serena and Dan!


    pty, I understand you are bring nitpicky because you are a Chair fan. However, if Dan really blamed Blair for the bad sex he wouldn't have had it with her a second time. And he was very clearly into it.