Gossip Girl Review: Despicably High-Brow

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"Maybe you've been so busy worried about what everyone thinks that you forgot who you actually are. Which is a shame, because you should see what I see." - Dan

It's all about appearances, right? This week's Gossip Girl was all about the upper crust of the UES behaving badly - despicably if you will - in the name of getting what they want, for the sake of their respective reputations.

Meanwhile, the Humphrey men struggled to make sense of it all.

In a sense, "Despicable B" was like old times on Gossip Girl, with various stories of social scheming, though certain characters have arguably lost their way to the point where their actions cease to be believable.

Blair clearly has lost her way, somewhere between being traded for a hotel and selling out for a tiara. At least she admits as much, and has perhaps realizes at last that she can start being happy without preconditions.

Dair detractors may lament the couple's banality or lack of intense physical chemistry, but their connection runs deeper than the superficial. Going back to their days at W, Dan has loved Blair Waldorf for ... Blair Waldorf.

A Dair Picture

Dan always does his part. Whether or not you're a card-carrying member of Team Dair, you have to respect the genuine compassion, communication and respect between them. They are an equal partnership.

Fun as it was to see her so incredulous over Dan outshining her on the N.Y. Magazine Approval Matrix (a real, hilarious thing, even if Kim Kardashian's marriage lasting longer than B's isn't actually on it), our girl needs to regain her mojo. Strategizing to out-high-brow Dan at his own high-brow affair? Totally low-brow and beneath vintage B.

Dair's storyline had some wonderful moments - their heart-to-heart at the end, her botched attempt to generate interest from FIT, Dorota insisting B is still royalty to me! (FTW!) - but let's hope it marks a turning point.

She's got to know herself again, for real, and it'll be very interesting to see if Daniel Humphrey is by her side when she does. Who is the real B? Do any of us even know anymore? Just pray she tries to find her.

NOTE: It looks like B adopts an entirely different persona next week (see promo below).

Speaking of people unrecognizable from Season One ... when did Lily get so evil? Yes, she's always been materialistic, selfish and one to put on airs to a degree, but this level of vindictiveness is unprecedented.

If the whole plan all along was to nail Carol for fraud, well, kudos on the execution and all, but she'd already secured 50 percent of the estate, so what was the point? And why invite a reporter? To enhance her "image"? This is a woman who's been IN JAIL and married FIVE times. Pretty sure the reputation ship sailed long ago.

Notice she didn't deny paying off the nurse to sell out Ivy, either. That's just cold, Lil. Fortunately, Ivy proved her own goodness and/or naivete by tearing up the check at the end. Poor girl just wants a FAMILY! Not money!

Idiot. Did you see the zeroes on that thing?!

Rufus has clearly had it being lied to, and it's hard to blame the guy. He was always the trophy husband, but at least she was nice and they enjoyed each other's company. Now? Who knows who he's married to.

The problem with Lily's storyline was that unlike Blair's, it's just too complicated. Who can even keep track of all the lies and the reasons behind them, and at this point, are we emotionally invested in any of them?

Serena, Lily Pic

You know it's bad when William seems like a genuinely good guy just trying to do right by the four crazy women in his life. You almost feel bad for the guy. Maybe he'll figure out a way to leave all the money to Lola now.

Stranger things have happened ... on Gossip Girl.

Serena? She's just aimless at this point, a girl without a family, a real job, a boyfriend or much of a social life. It's sad, really, and makes you fear how low she'll go for attention in the next three weeks.

Perhaps the most significant (and most dubious) developments of the night came in the closing montage. First, Serena left the Gossip Girl server login info hanging out of her notebook! And Lola ganked it!

Week after week, characters one-up each other for biggest secret left out in the open. The people on this show need serious lessons in hiding sensitive information, because they make things too easy on lazy writers.

It's called a safe. Or a real doorman. Or a password on your iPhone. Or your pocket.

Okay, rant over. What do you think Lola will do with that info is the real debate. Give it back to the real G.G.? Become G.G. 4.0? Sell it back to Serena for her cut of the trust fund? Infinite, absurd possibilities.

Finally, Chuck Bass has been through about as many paternity twists as Gossip Girl has identity crises. Thanks to the busiest P.I. in the city and some (sexy!) mind games from Nate, we know Diana's a fraud.

You gotta love Nate going to bat for his friend and his company, while treating female fans to some gratuitous shirtless action to boot. Well played, Mr. Archibald ... and those who guessed Jack is Chuck's dad.

In real life, Desmond Harrington is 35 and Ed Westwick 24, BTW. A bit of a stretch. But if Chuck graduated high school just three years ago and Jack is around 40 ... we'll buy. Again, this is Gossip Girl people.

It STILL doesn't explain what Diana's angle is, though, and it starts to lose some of its punch when a huge bombshell is simply negated the following week. On a routine basis. Oh, yeah. That was a lie. Great.

Think he's actually Chuck's dad? And Elizabeth the mother after all? If so, why all the subterfuge? What's really going on here, and will the ultimate resolution to this ongoing saga finally be worth it?

We have our doubts, but here's hoping. Before we turn it over to your comments, here's next week's promo:

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Dair the best as Always!


-Lily refusing to 'love' Ivy. that will come back and bite her in the arse. my bet is next season Ivy will prove the nurse was 'paid off' and get her inheritance back. i hope the series finale is Serena and Lily being penniless for good and relying on others to show them kindness. even if you don't like Ivy, Lily's actions, and Serena's acceptance of them: sending Ben to prison over untrue allegations, accusing her own daughter (Serena) of stealing a bracelet, paying off a nurse to invalidate the will...by almost anyone's standards are considered 'bad' actions. we're not supposed to be rooting for these people who break/bend the law to serve their own purposes aka money. Rufus is starting to see this 'dark' side of Lily. and i am rooting for a divorce here.


I see you are very angry, and I do not reproach to you. As usual you are totally right. I am angry too, so much nonsense I read today that it is incredible. As if people who write here do not watch the series from the beginning. More, I can not remember who, but someone today wrote that the majority of those who cheer for Dan and Blair watch a series of 4 or 5 season. And it is completely right. So illogical nonsense ... Good you are pointed out the script writers. But what is worth, all this season most of us nothing but criticize the writers. It is simply not conceivable how transparently copied from last seasons into this season, and how cheaply changing of the characters. If someone is now watching the 1 season and immediately went to watch the season 5, he would say that these are two different series, but with the same actors.


Dair is so boring.. No chemistry. Blair is not the person i used to love. I feel really sorry for Serena, poor girl. Bring back Chair! i dont know why but why cant they just be together for good? Gosh, last time they were official was in season 3! Why is there the need to put forced road blocks every time they start to get together again!? So annoying.


i have to give some credit,i like this episode, all lies oout,bitternes at high,money matters more that anything, and the best part was locations,that location were serena sees her dad and lola and the scene were she leaves william on 5 av,with the light cars behind her, beautiful ...and the "court" location........ one good episode of 21 in terms of image and drama...except dair, boring, since when dan is so freaking boring?


without addressing Dair/Chair BS...my thoughts on the episode:
-a lot of this episode was contrived BUT i was relieved and entertained by the VDW dinner party from hell. happy the Lola/Carole/William secret came out. it was addressed in a scandalous UES fashion by Lily.
-i *did* feel sympathy for Serena, finally. the core of who she is, why she sleeps around so much, falls in and out of love so quickly stems from her daddy abandonment issues. she confronted William. it took the Lola reveal for it to happen, but it was a long time coming.
-Diane/Chuck/Nate/Jack stuff is very entertaining as well. it's a wild goose chase that's keeping Chuck/Nate distracted from the real truth. what that is, we'll find out soon enough.


elisa has a lot to say,
i say dont look at gg as normal human behavor,is the complain that comes up again and again, this characters dont do what normal people would do,but if we enter in psycology, maybe blair shut down chuck of her life, because, he is ready, ready to be a great man to be with, she isnt, she is in the same position,the shadow of someone,plus a divorce ex-royal and used girl,which to her is even lower,people run from what they aspire when comes in a not expected time,so she ran to dan, because she knows it wont be like what could have with chuck, all the dreams she could have with him,she isnt ready for all that,so she hides and blocks everything and everyone .


so sick of lily and serena. hope ivy and lola get the better of them. and dair is so boring, forget it blair, you are over.


Ok, I promise I finished.
After reading all of this (sorry if it was messy or too long), do you still think that Chuck hasn't suffered enough and that Blair grew up instead of actually regressing? Aren't you mad because the writers screwed everything up? If you do and if you aren't, I really don't know what to think... I know I'm taking it too seriously, but I really can't stand the fact that Chuck has always to be seen as the bad guy and that Blair, since she's having a relationship with Dan, is a much better person...
Except for that, I'm quite hopeful that everything will change, so I guess it's just temporary rage...


Sorry, but it still continues...
Chuck has some problems with his mom, so he goes to Blair to ask for some advice selflessly, but she rejects him because she thinks he has something in mind. In the same episode, we find out that Chuck actually paid the dowry and, after knowing that, Blair "scolds" him. The thing that upsets her is that she isn't used to seeing Chuck selfless (but didn't she realize before that he was changed?!? Yet again, simply inconsistent). Blair is also ungrateful by thanking him with just a text.
In the last episode, Chuck finds out that his real mother is Diana, but where is Blair? Where is the Blair that, in season 2 promised him that she will stand by him through anything? And the one that in season 3 said that she was his family? I don't know about you, but I didn't see her.

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