Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Casino Royale?

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This photo from the set of Gossip Girl may not tell us much, but it speaks for itself.

Chuck. Blair. Smiling ear to ear. At what looks to be a casino. Interesting ...

As we learned in our interview with Joshua Safran last week (and simply by watching the show all season), Blair may be in a romantic relationship with Dan now, yet Chuck's presence looms over the couple.

It's unclear which episode this scene takes place in, but we can't assume Mister Chuck is out of the running. Those two obviously have a certain chemistry about them that isn't about to be swept under the rug.

Share your theories, comments and observations with us below:

Chair Casino Pic

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my theory about this picture would be silly but why not? :) I think Blair will want to pay back dowry. Since, chuck will be in bad condition about his financial so blair isn't rich to save him and clearly she owes him. she will offer her help and he will accept to be close with her :) so, they will gamble together to gain money!gambling will get them back together!this episode probably 23 or 24 :))) anwway dair is awful!chair is epic!pls safran bring us chair!!!!!!!!!!


haha i read all this and i really don't understand 'cause i stopped watching two weeks ago... it's funny i intended to watch the last two episodes but when i started watching i was like "nah, i'm in good mood today, don't want to ruin it" still i logged in tv fanatic because i thought maybe i could find a spoiler that pointed out that the tenporary insanity of the writers was over and they finally decided to break up dan and blair and get blair back together with chuck... but i see they're still insane so... i'll keep doing what i've been doing... pretending this show ended in season 2 episode 22, and not watching the new episodes...




its EL not CB Smiling ear to ear.
I love DB & imo they're still on in the finale


@Sioned: you are right, we should critize Chuck for that nonsense. Chuck, what are you doing?! You should be trying to figure out how to move on without Blair or gaining her back, not wasting time with Jack!!!


Blair and happiness is my ship.
I believe after all that's happened it lies with Dan and so I'm pro Dair :)


@ Twilight - that's my opinion of what will happen at the end of the show: all the shippers talk about endgame for their couple, my theory - Serena and Blair off into the sunset without any of the gents tying them down. And still with the slut calling of Blair while Chuck has orgies with his uncle, without comment or criticism.


how did someone say there in a loving relationship... they have to get drunk to have sex, that doesn't sound very safe to me.


we can only hope they reunite chuck and blair soon...they are really the only story I keep watching for...if it were not for them, I would have dropped the show a long time ago.



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