Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Casino Royale?

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This photo from the set of Gossip Girl may not tell us much, but it speaks for itself.

Chuck. Blair. Smiling ear to ear. At what looks to be a casino. Interesting ...

As we learned in our interview with Joshua Safran last week (and simply by watching the show all season), Blair may be in a romantic relationship with Dan now, yet Chuck's presence looms over the couple.

It's unclear which episode this scene takes place in, but we can't assume Mister Chuck is out of the running. Those two obviously have a certain chemistry about them that isn't about to be swept under the rug.

Share your theories, comments and observations with us below:

Chair Casino Pic

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I'm so disappointed in this season of GG. Not only is Blair with Dan,but Chuck has had no love interest. What a waste!!! This season has been void of any steamy passion or chemistry. Thank goodness William Levy is on DWTS. Now I have someone fun, sexy and gorgeous to watch on Mondays. Chuck Bass used to be that person. I still love Ed. It's not his fault the writers have wasted his extreme talent this season:(


I am so confused...All the spoilers and pictures from the finale are of Chair?? Safron only speaks of Dair??If Dan and Blair are together where is he??? As a Chair fan i dont trust anything anymore..Dair and Chair shippers need to respect each other because we are both in the same boat.. anything could happen?? I really hope chair though :)


@viewer123, Blair does not have a baby with either Chuck or Dan so either can be cut out of her life. Just because you have a history with someone does not mean they have to be in your life forever that goes for if they are shiny and new or if they are old and stale. The thing is Blair really could do anything with her life, most of them could but then there would not be a show. Here's to the season finale when they will be able to do just that, Characters and the actors that play them on TV...lol


Everyone, Blair will always have Chuck in her live because they have a history. But the romance have sailed. Dan and Blair are in a loving and healthy relationship and their storylines is far more interesting and entertaining.


Yay! This makes me happy...if only it's not a deception!


Can't wait for the series finale..no not season but series because only then will the questions be answered and even if they are not you would have to wait for Gossip Girl the movie.


Why they limit Chuck to being with the despicable woman of Blair?
I want a new girlfriend for Chuck. Not more Blair. Blair is a fox


Chuck deserves a good woman like Lola or Ivy. Blair is the worst thing that ever happened to Chuck


It's time for Chuck to send Blair to hell


Chuck deserves a better woman than Blair

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